Synchroblog: The Season of Christmas


It is a new month and one great holiday has passed and our thanks have been given to others. Now it is time to enter winter wonderland for the season of love, family, more giving presents, and the time of snow and just a good time in life. We all have good memories and other times they are not so great. We may end up thinking about those children who need presents but unable to receive them because of a tragic event in their lives. Often we think of Santa Clause, snow, the classic movies, and the cold wintry being associated with this season. To this end, it is the time of given, especially to the Salvation Army the donation bucket is sitting outside the shopping malls and the bells being shaken. With this said, this lead us to this month's topic. . .

"The Season of Christmas"

Have favorite memory of any pastimes spending Christmas with the family? Want to give expressions or remarks about the season known to children for Santa Claus? Think about spending a day, or vacation or, special moments with family and friends. Think about the 25th day known as a tradition of being able to give unto others and not worry about receiving gifts back. You should talk about the season of Christmas. Whatever your heart desires, think carefully on what you think the meaning of Christmas is all about. Why is special about the winter time? Is there anything special about December besides just Christmas? It is up to you to talk about whatever you like about in any direction you want.

  • The time will be Decemeber 9-16, 2008. This allows you to post on any chosen day.
  • In each post you should link up to other participants/posts. This allows your readers to know who else is participating in the Sychroblogging.
  • Though this may involved with college bloggers, anyone is welcome and able to join in the fun as well.
  • Be sure to invite two more people to join the Synchroblogging.
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Book Review: "Stressed Out Students’ Guide to Handling Peer Pressure"


This helpful student guide to handle peer pressure turns out to be a book that is easy to read and understand. The Stressed Out Student's Guide to Handling Peer Pressure is helpful for both parents and children because it is provides plenty of good information arranging from not worrying about stressing out when a student is trying to fit with the "in crowd" to reaching out to the youth on why alcohol is not a cool liquid to drink. I recommend any parent who has a teenager to buy this book to read and for any teenager to read the book for him or herself. The author Dr. Lisa Medoff, PhD is a child psychologist and column writer who understands the how peer pressure affects a young person's life through the temptations of sex, using drugs, stealing, and making fake identification cards.

This book is filled with illustrations , quotes from different students, parents, educators, and real world facts about the different issues of today's modern teenager. Within the pages of the book, you will find different tips and websites that will point you in the right direction for credible information about sex and health issues. I think you should read this book because you are going to learn something that you can share with family and friends. There is nothing like reading a book that will educate our young people. I find this book to be really helpful and awesome to read. Dr. Medoff gets straight to the point on heavy subjects without beating around the bush and without writing the book in a "lecture" format.

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