The Weekend Post


Hello! How are you? Hope you are having a good weekend.

So it has been a week since I last posted something. I decided after such writing a post of great length to take a few days away to relax. The week kind of by fast. Before I realized it was Friday! But while I have not been blogging, I have been having conversations on Twitter. Sometimes I tweet pointless things and been trying to maintain a good deal on using Twitter in meaningful ways. So far, I’ve just doing tweeting things of interest and sharing with followers everything from personal to news articles and retwitting what others may have said. From the beginning I said that I signed up to experiment and see what this great deal of site is about. Thus far I’ve been meeting some cool cats on the site and enjoying the interaction among those who uses Twitter. There are many things written how such micro-blogging can be used to meet your goals and the proper way of using Twitter. To each his or her own I guess.

Exactly one week until I start preparing to go back to campus (I will be living on campus this year again). So I am hoping to get a good roommate and not some buck wild person, but someone decent and live in an orderly state. I do like living on campus except the part of adjusting to differ roommates that come each year and sometimes maybe a different on in the middle of the school year. I hope meet more wonderful friends this year. I’m sure there will be many Freshman that will be attending the University. So much will be new this year. Of course there is the recent news of the University of Memphis’ men’s basketball team getting their Final Four seasons winnings and money taken away. But the school is appealing and I hope they the case ends in the favor of the University. We are pretty much well known and I think they don’t want use to continue our success from past year; especially the 07-08 season. We have a new coach (the assistant coach got promoted and the former one went to Kentucky) and I surely wish the best for the men’s basketball team.

I didn’t know this happened until I saw it on Yahoo and then on ESPN. I will say that my University made many news appearances and articles written last semester and it was all towards the men’s basketball. We have to get our money somewhere. I’m not a big sports person, so I usually just keep up with the men’s basketball team and all news related to the school. But I also read and hear about other sports players and the things they do. Such said players like Michael Vick and the dog fights and the Olympic person that is either male or female. They are doing gender testing on the person. The individual sound like a man but look like a female. Your guess is as good as mine. I never played sports in high school nor have I when I was growing up. I remember playing my favorite games dodge ball and kick ball in elementary. I was a killer at those games.

I also am still try to win a contest that is going on through out the month and into next month. I mentioned this in a few posts back. So far I still have not won. It prize bundle is an HP dv6 laptop, HP Mini 110, Syncables software and a Timbuk2 customized bag. I may not enter all contests but the ones I do enter I hope to get picked as the winner! 

I’ve have this idea that I would like to being back to life. It’s called Synchroblogging (until I can find a cool title. Any suggestions?) What happens is every moth everyone writes on the same topic, on the same day. Sounds easy right? Of course. So all bloggers are welcome to join when I do launch it. So you just blog in whatever form you one on the same day as the other participants on the same topic. So that’s the latest thing that will involve the readers and anyone else who wants to add into their blogging experience.

Enjoy your day!

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Get Off the Soapbox


Back to School Prep

So it isn’t long until I start classes for the semester. Exactly two more weeks of vacation and it will be over… and so will be month, too. Where does the time go?I’m pretty much excited… but more anxious than anything with a bit of nervousness. Though I do not see why I’m nervous. But it is what it is. I can only say I’m ready for a fresh school year and going higher all aspect of life. As the song goes, “life is a highway.” So not much has happening going on with these last few days. I do know I have to so some back to school cleaning; especially my closet. It isn’t too messy though I have boxes to get rid of and go through stuff that is not needed or useful. Hopefully, if I can’t find nothing else, it will look better than what it does now. Why not junk up the closet and close the door than have a messy room. No one, but me should ever go in the closet. I have to make sure I keep my room orderly maintain because it’s the next room after everyone goes in the living and whatever, they come in my room and chill out. But I don’t see nothing special about my room. It’s just a room of all sorts.

So I will be preparing myself for another semester and hope that all those who heading back to school or have already have a great semester. I find a post I read on College Candy that there are 10 types of Freshman that you will meet on campus. And I thought about that I have almost seen those different types of people on campus all the time and anywhere else in the world. I guess we all have to accept each for who we are and be aware of each other. It’s always fun meeting other people. I enjoy it all the time; especially if you find it beneficial for whatever relationship that exist. 

Social Networking

Since the last time I have written something here, I have been chatting and reading a few blogs, doing a little bit of tweeting, taking it easy. And I so much goes on with Twitter. Everything else is tweeted and the trending topics… don’t worry about watching the news, you can visit Twitter for everything. Lot of things goes on with that website. Earlier today I entered in the HP Better Together contest, trying to win the prize buddle: HP dv6 laptop, mini 101 laptop, Syncables software and customized Tumbuk2 bag. Hoping I will win at one point during the entire competition one way or another. And I know I have stated this in a previous post!

So I’m not trying to dig into Twitter, but they announced Project Retweet to support Retweets so users can easily “retweet” what others are saying. I know on some websites and blogs they they have a button that you can click to automatically have it on Twitter. I sometimes use that feature if I find something interesting that I read and want to share with others. I saw it as trending topic and read it on Mashable-the social media guide-that has abundance amount of good content (news, lists, information, blogs, chats, and other good stuff))on everything that exists in the social networking aspect. Even Mashable posted and reported about Facebook Lite. So FB is making more changes to a newer version. But I don’t see how much lighter they can get. Facebook developers, do what you got to do. People will complain some more! Okay? Okay. I digress. I’m not all into the social networking and all that. I find cool and but it serves a different purpose for every individual. If it isn’t fix don’t mess it up. Sometimes the changes can be good because I don’t like the current condition and other times it just brings up drama and more commotion and that’s when others start speaking.

Entertainment: Music & Television

On this past Sunday, I watched America’s Best Dance Crew. For the record, I think it a pretty good show and the season will be okay, but not better than the last couple of seasons. On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)… this season receives a big fat 4 from me. For now, I will say that season four is good in the way of the different dance crews are culturally brought, some have similar interests and goals to be on the show, but that’s about it as far me really liking the show. Some of the crews are awesome. I do have my picks out of the ones that were voted off and still on there this week. It’s not what I was expecting, but I may continue to watch. I noticed that do not have the crews set up in the way of representing the different regions of the country like before.

All of a sudden I’ve add the song lyrics “Let’s get physical, physical” from Olivia Newton’s Physical song. I also recently started liking 3 Doors Down’s song Let Me Be Myself. That song helps express how I feel this moment along with many others, but I pick this one. I also heard on another blog, the song Eminem did in response of Mariah Carey did. I think it was from the video she did with her dress as a dude and rapping and whatever. So I assume this along the lines of being correct. I did not bother to pay attention to the foolishness. Adults. They make the children seem more grown up than they do. People, adults, grow the heck up!! This entertainment industry is crazy. If they are not here for us or to reach out for their life long dreams, then why do some of them even act, sing, dance, and entertain us. Maybe for that exact purpose– entertainment. What’s entertainment today?

Side Note: I mean some people get on my nervous. They want to do it big and be known. Who cares!?! California. The place of Hollywood. The place where everything is made. The people that want to be followers. The tread setters! Make YOUR OWN trend. Go on with YOUR OWN life. I mean don’t let others leave your own, not like others run it.

Get off the soapbox.

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Second Language Acquisition


Language is a very interesting topic whether learning a foreign one as your second or third tongue, whether you are learning the complexity of the English language or even how non-native speakers learn English. It’s all fascinating. Of course my major is English and the concentration I have chosen is English as a Second Language (ESL). Why have chosen such major? Good question. It has been my favorite since I don’t how long. And when entering college as a Freshman I surfed my University’s website and read about the different majors and what could be best for me. So I adventured around for a year with the general classes trying to find my place in college. So, now I can’t imagine having another major, but a minor and additional classes that interest be would be of good interest.

The concentration of ESL, so far is interesting because I am start to see how non-natives are trying to learn English whereas I grew up with the language and developed it over time as an American. So far I have only taken one course dealing with language and this semester I will be taking another course dealing with ESL. Both are online classes. So I hope to ace this online course as I have done in the pervious semester. (I’m sure many many people are wondering what I can do with a degree in English… I’m wondering the same thing, too, but I don’t think it is a big deal).

The Methods and Teachings of ESL course has taught me a lot and very new words and given me a better perceptive of language learning. This is the online course I took during the spring semester and I enjoyed it, too. I have really gained a few experiences that I would like more of in the future. What I have obtain can help me in my teaching career or other areas of the humanities field if I may say so. The text we had was easy to follow and provided many theories, concepts, and vocabulary words dealing with Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Simply said, SLA is just the basic foundation of someone of a non-native speaker of any language that is trying to acquire a second language (other than the native tongue).

I am discovering that mostly everything that deals with ESL and second language acquisition (theories and practices) that relates to the learning process of English through immersion of being in the United States and their social and academic skills. At first when I started the class and getting more depth into my major I was not sure what I was getting myself into, but so far I’m enjoying what I’m learning. What I found interesting and cool is the terminology of ESL/SLA. In any instances, the terms read and used in the discussions online are applicable to every day life as well as learning a second language. The common features and thinking process, with experiences of ESL/SLA, has particular terms to name the practices, theories, and human behaviors. In simple terms, the many “colorful” words that can be located through the book that we had used and they research I did. Another thing is the fact that I am “wowed” to think back on amazing concepts and information that can help better my perspective on non-natives speaking English and trying to adapt to the American culture.

I believe that interactive teaching and learning methods are helpful when one is in any type of class; especially to those who are learning a second language. There is nothing like having fun and watching videos and doing group projects and oral presentations in the classroom versus sitting in class or some place and getting put to sleep and not being attentive while there is something going on. This can help with students and adults of any ages. There are many ways to help someone learn English and about our culture.

Since I have obtain so much knowledge so far, there are three areas I would like to focus and learn more about:

  • One area I would like to know more about is the experience of teaching English whether in a regular English class or in some type of special program. We can only read and hear and even talk to those teachers, but what exactly is it like to walk in their shoes and see why and how learning English can be a challenge for them.
  • A second area I would like to know more about is culture. I’m curious on how other languages are similar and different than English. The reason why I want to know more about culture is the reason that people are very interesting and good conversations can start with common interests and shared knowledge about different cultures whether talking about it in depth or just meeting someone else with other interests. I can remember that I enjoyed having conversations with my Conversation Partner about the culture and differences from her home country of Colombia and living here in Memphis and other states.
  • A third area could be more about the English language; especially more in depth from the non-native perspective since I am not in college. Sitting in classes observing for those who are learning English is interesting because I already know English, but I may not know the general information or anything that is taught to non-natives. But it is I thought it was interesting to sit and observe the classes because they are learning what we have learned back in elementary and we are still learning but just in a different manner.
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Simply August


Simply August. Yep.. that is the title of this post. If you ask how did I come up with the title, I could not give you a clear answer. July took it slowest time, but it did take its toll. What comes to mind when you think of August. For me, I think of, hopefully cooler weather, the season of mostly students going back to school. I think of Fall, though it is late summer, television shows. I think of the time of the year where we come back from summer vacation and nestle in back to a daily routine. Of course, as the weeks progress, the season changes to fall. And I return for Fall classes on the 31st. The last day of the month!  I’m really excited to start a new semester. The schedule is pretty good. I am done with my classes in the morning and no night classes. It’s not the actual way I wanted but I believe I can manage it. Something different I guess. I’m interested to meet the new professors, people to meet, friends to make, and some of the new courses I will be taking. However, when the the instructors begin to give out homework, readings, projects, research papers, and midterms approaches, I will then be wishing for a desirable break. It happens every semester.

A contest. There is a one going on for those of us that may be and are going back to school; especially for those college students. No, I am not a participating website giving away the prize, but I will hope I enter in a few and be given one to me as a winner. A similar competition happened almost this time last year where they were giving out a cool prize HP notebook. And this time it is a better than last time. I didn’t win the last year so I’m hoping to enter in the giveaway this time around. The contest is called Back to School: Better Together. At that website you will be able to read reviews of both laptops and software and even the bag! I will say that there is  25 chances to win, only once, the following items in the buddle: HP dv6 laptop, HP Mini 110 laptop, a customized Timbuk2 bag, and Syncables software. Be sure to check out the schedule and keep up with each starting and finishing. I really would want to win those that awesome prize buddle. Who wouldn’t want to win what they are giving away? And I could really put them to good use as I can use one for Internet and online usage and for school, homework, research and the other laptop can be use for entertainment wise. So yeah.

On Television. America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) is starting a new season this weekend. If I’m not mistaken the new time slot will be Sunday nights. Season 4 premieres Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST. I remember seeing the last season and they had some terrific dance groups. I’ve seen previews for the new season and hope to get a chance to watch some of the episodes on television. If not then I can catch them online. That’s one show I want to watch when time permits. Pretty good to be a dance competition worth watch in my opinion. The show brings everyone together. In my words, I think it is a show that is good to watch. It’s surely not trashy like many other shows I have seen. Paula Abdul is not going to a judge on the next season of American Idol. She will be a guest judge on another competition show. She twitted that she was not going to be on the next season and that she appreciates all the support and love from the fellow judges and fans. In her place, Kara DioGuardi will be the judge for the show’s next season. I’m sure it will be awkward to be on the panel without Paula, but I guess it is what it is. So You Think You Can Dance has offer to let her be a guest judge on one of their episodes. I have not really read anything else about whether she will or not, but most likely I think she may. She will only return as a judge if the deal is offer to her in fair terms. It seems that she wants more money than last year and reject a raise that the producers has offered her. So who knows what will happen next for American Idol.

Movies. I’ve noticed a lot of previews or many a few of some good movies that are soon to be about this month and months ahead. Been a while since I have went to a movie theater. Usually I wait to go to until they come out on DVD. I sort of have a thing about being in very crowded places. I know… it’s weird. I hope that everyone has their plans to go see any of the movies that have already came out an plans to see those that will come out. I would like to see The Final Destination in 3D. I know that will be so thrilling and suspenseful to see the movie pop-out at you. I have seen all the sequels in the movie series. That comes out on the 28th of this month. Also Halloween II is suppose to be coming on the 28th as well. If you have not seen the previews of these movies, then you should go check out the official websites. I think I more so like Final Destination than Halloween though I do like to watch a good horror movie.

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Would You Rather….


So a blogging buddy, Johnonline shared a link to a blog post from another blog that he reads (I believe he reads the blog)… I forgot how it happened, but furthermore it is a post from a young lady named Nic who writes at the blog *PINKICK’S PLANET*. The post she written is a Friday Discussion of “Would You Rather.” And the questions are tough to choose from two different choices to make (would you rather do this or that). So there are 25 questions that could be answered. So I decided to answer the first 15. Whew!

1. Be 4”1' or 7”9'? I would rather be noticed and get around quick so being 7'”9' may seem to help. I’m already tall as it is… so maybe being much taller will be exciting.
2. Live without music or live without TV? Oh no! This is a tough one. I like them both. I can live without music because sometimes I end up listening to everything a million times and rarely stretch the wing out for extras.
3. Have a beautiful house and ugly car or ugly house and beautiful car?  This is a hard one. I would rather not decide on an answer. Next.
4. Live in Antarctica or Death Valley? I would rather be at neither place because home sounds a bit safe. Both places are expected to have some sort of life or death risk!!
5. Have three eyes or webbed feet? I wouldn’t mind having an additional one eye to go with the other two. The better to see with.

6. Find true love or a million dollars? I can take both. I really would. Though. I probably will want to find true love. Money can be made anytime.
7. Always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again? I can’t go a day without speaking, so I rather be heard and say what’s on my mind.
8. Be gossiped about or never talked about at all? There’s something to be said about me and there has to be said about something. So I rather not talked about other folks and their own business. Blah.
9. Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing? My hearing is good. I want to have x-ray vision. Cool to see through anything and everyone. Super powers. Woot!
10. Be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say? I could do both. I would go crazy hearing what others have to say. I want to take back everything I say…. presently said can be quickly taken back.

11. End hunger or hatred? Hungry will be better. Hatred is good too. Sometimes no matter what happens, people will still hate. Shame.
12. Be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?
I rather be with someone I hate because though I may hate them we still will talk and it’s going to be sooner or later.
13. Have more money or be more attractive? Money isn’t everything, but being more attractive is a great thing to be. I rather be more attractive LOL.
14. Have one wish granted today or ten wishes granted in ten years' time? 10 wishes baby! The more the merrier. Oh…all ten can be flexed together as one.
15. Get free chocolate for one year or free potatoes forever? Totally I want free chocolate for one year. No strings attached.

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