Get Off the Soapbox

Back to School Prep

So it isn’t long until I start classes for the semester. Exactly two more weeks of vacation and it will be over… and so will be month, too. Where does the time go?I’m pretty much excited… but more anxious than anything with a bit of nervousness. Though I do not see why I’m nervous. But it is what it is. I can only say I’m ready for a fresh school year and going higher all aspect of life. As the song goes, “life is a highway.” So not much has happening going on with these last few days. I do know I have to so some back to school cleaning; especially my closet. It isn’t too messy though I have boxes to get rid of and go through stuff that is not needed or useful. Hopefully, if I can’t find nothing else, it will look better than what it does now. Why not junk up the closet and close the door than have a messy room. No one, but me should ever go in the closet. I have to make sure I keep my room orderly maintain because it’s the next room after everyone goes in the living and whatever, they come in my room and chill out. But I don’t see nothing special about my room. It’s just a room of all sorts.

So I will be preparing myself for another semester and hope that all those who heading back to school or have already have a great semester. I find a post I read on College Candy that there are 10 types of Freshman that you will meet on campus. And I thought about that I have almost seen those different types of people on campus all the time and anywhere else in the world. I guess we all have to accept each for who we are and be aware of each other. It’s always fun meeting other people. I enjoy it all the time; especially if you find it beneficial for whatever relationship that exist. 

Social Networking

Since the last time I have written something here, I have been chatting and reading a few blogs, doing a little bit of tweeting, taking it easy. And I so much goes on with Twitter. Everything else is tweeted and the trending topics… don’t worry about watching the news, you can visit Twitter for everything. Lot of things goes on with that website. Earlier today I entered in the HP Better Together contest, trying to win the prize buddle: HP dv6 laptop, mini 101 laptop, Syncables software and customized Tumbuk2 bag. Hoping I will win at one point during the entire competition one way or another. And I know I have stated this in a previous post!

So I’m not trying to dig into Twitter, but they announced Project Retweet to support Retweets so users can easily “retweet” what others are saying. I know on some websites and blogs they they have a button that you can click to automatically have it on Twitter. I sometimes use that feature if I find something interesting that I read and want to share with others. I saw it as trending topic and read it on Mashable-the social media guide-that has abundance amount of good content (news, lists, information, blogs, chats, and other good stuff))on everything that exists in the social networking aspect. Even Mashable posted and reported about Facebook Lite. So FB is making more changes to a newer version. But I don’t see how much lighter they can get. Facebook developers, do what you got to do. People will complain some more! Okay? Okay. I digress. I’m not all into the social networking and all that. I find cool and but it serves a different purpose for every individual. If it isn’t fix don’t mess it up. Sometimes the changes can be good because I don’t like the current condition and other times it just brings up drama and more commotion and that’s when others start speaking.

Entertainment: Music & Television

On this past Sunday, I watched America’s Best Dance Crew. For the record, I think it a pretty good show and the season will be okay, but not better than the last couple of seasons. On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)… this season receives a big fat 4 from me. For now, I will say that season four is good in the way of the different dance crews are culturally brought, some have similar interests and goals to be on the show, but that’s about it as far me really liking the show. Some of the crews are awesome. I do have my picks out of the ones that were voted off and still on there this week. It’s not what I was expecting, but I may continue to watch. I noticed that do not have the crews set up in the way of representing the different regions of the country like before.

All of a sudden I’ve add the song lyrics “Let’s get physical, physical” from Olivia Newton’s Physical song. I also recently started liking 3 Doors Down’s song Let Me Be Myself. That song helps express how I feel this moment along with many others, but I pick this one. I also heard on another blog, the song Eminem did in response of Mariah Carey did. I think it was from the video she did with her dress as a dude and rapping and whatever. So I assume this along the lines of being correct. I did not bother to pay attention to the foolishness. Adults. They make the children seem more grown up than they do. People, adults, grow the heck up!! This entertainment industry is crazy. If they are not here for us or to reach out for their life long dreams, then why do some of them even act, sing, dance, and entertain us. Maybe for that exact purpose– entertainment. What’s entertainment today?

Side Note: I mean some people get on my nervous. They want to do it big and be known. Who cares!?! California. The place of Hollywood. The place where everything is made. The people that want to be followers. The tread setters! Make YOUR OWN trend. Go on with YOUR OWN life. I mean don’t let others leave your own, not like others run it.

Get off the soapbox.


  • For every single year that I was in school, the day before the first semester in September was always the worst. No matter how old I got, that anxiety just never really left. I think I've always just had an uncomfortable spot in my heart for school, as I've just never been too great at it.

  • I've always been nervous during the first few days of school and depends on the situation, too. But I try my best to stay calm and not think of what could happen (getting the best of me) and when it is all said and done it was not so bad. Since being in college I get nervous going to my new classes and around a large lecture class. I'm trying to overcome that LOL.

  • Hi Kelvin! Hope your weekend is going well! Just enjoy the time you have in colleg..well not too much, but relax and let it all sink in!

  • always dreaded the first day, and sometimes the 2nd day... pretty much every day until you finally figure out that absolutely FOR SURE you're in the right class, with the right books, and got the right reading list.

    first time reading you're blog, it's anjoyable and relaxed, I like that!

  • I just graduated from college so this is the first fall where I don't have that anxiety... but now I'm anxious about my job that is starting at the end of september! Ha! Oh well, I guess it's just a feeling everyone has to deal with. Enjoy your last few days of summer!

  • hey, everyone deserves a little soapbox time now and again. Blogs are a great place for it. :P

    But I'm wholly with you. "Start your own trend."