To All Readers


I'm so excited for the long, long summer that I have ahead of me. A first year of college completed. Party time, guys! I would like to personally thank everyone, all my readers, for checking this blog out and reading it each week. I do like the interaction that I have with the readers of this blog and among others who own blogs. I think I'm doing a good job since this blog has been started back in January of this year. As I think about it seem that I have piled so crammed many, many posts in one week as if you were on a speeding train to get from point A to point B. Again, I appreciate each one of you for reading the blog. I'm not sure in what direction to go, but I know it is time for a new blog design. However, not sure if I should change the template.

Though I'm not on a full break from blogging, I will post through the week, but not as much as I was in the past during my English class for a grade. One challenge: Finding what to write about without being too personal. I don't want to write from a personal perspective though I will relate to some things in first person. I did a guest post for another blogger and in return I had a post written that was posted here last month. I've been reading about guest bloggers and the pros and cons of having them. Those thoughts have stumbled upon my mind here and there.

Is it time for a change? I remember reading the different comments on yesterday's post about a time for a change. For a fact, I read some good thoughts from people and a bit of "debate" from people talking about the past and the present and how we can now put them into a connecting relationship. That alone is something to think about. To get the connection of yesterday's post, I think it may be helpful to read two past posts entitled Our Perspective and Understanding Another View. Maybe you will find a connection or some type of meaning. At the beginning of the spring semester in English we had to write our own manifesto. I tried my best to not write too much if there is such a thing as writing too much. I'm satisfied with what I have written and by reading it you can better understand me a person and my mission in life.

As I enjoy my night, I hope you enjoy yours.

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Is It Time For a Change?


When it comes to blogging, new, fresh ideas are flaring everywhere to make this blog better. I'm not truly a big technician or template designer or savvy programmer, but I do the best I can with the knowledge that I do have. Sometimes it is challenging to come up with ideas and something to write about; especially when the mind is drained. This what makes a blogger slack the strength to post something new each day, weekly, or whatever the posting schedule may be. I might as well say that I am talking about myself.  Those who are bloggers that have gone or are going through this ordeal may know what I'm talking about.

The month of May is approaching quickly around the corner.  Time is going by fast. Hopefully we can get some nice, beautiful weather in the city. This weekend it has been slightly cooler than the last few weeks. Therefore, it felt cold outside. I believe the farmers called this effect "Blackberry Winter." I'm not quite sure why they call it this special name, but I think it is to help distinguish the way the weather changes rapidly. We all can feel the difference from a slightly drop in temperatures to a dramatic decrease. In a sense that can be either good or bad.

May is opened for graduations for the class of 2008. I graduated last year from a challenging school of different problems and shortage of teachers and an increase of students. However, I get the reaction of how could I have graduated from that school. Everyone has their own opinions. Let me ask you this: What makes a school good or bad? Does anyone have a say in what exactly defines a school  good or bad? How about the term failing? The school officials probably would not call a school failing, but if they are meeting the standards they will be "below average" or "proficient."

Bloggers often change the way they are  posting on their blogs. They may change their format to increase the readership. They may change their writing style or grab a template for a new look. Blackberry Winter may change the temperature and the way it feels outside. Could the month of May help us get the self driven willingness to start off the month with a fresh start? It may or may not help the farmers in one way or  another, but it could help us realize that the environment is changing each and every day. Graduations are coming up soon. Seniors will be getting a break from school during the summer. In the fall may be get shipped to college and keeping studying for a higher education degree. It also will open up their eyes and create new experiences for them. Schools are doing poorly. Schools are excelling. Schools are corrupted. Education is the future of everything.

As a new month approaches go out and try something new. Do something difference. We all have these fixed schedules where we do the same routine over and over each day. A friend once told me that she does not use a schedule, but rather she just gets up and go. She tells her children to put their shoes on and let's go do this or we are going to to XYZ. Since there is a change in the season, let's make a change in ourselves personal and environmental.  Could you be dared to go beyond the fixed schedule or step outside the box to be in a different situation?  Will you be able to deal with change? Is change good or bad in your viewpoint?

I will probably guess or make a quick assumption that you may think I'm rambling on from one thing to the next. That may be the case, but sometimes we have to just throw different  ideas and concepts up in the air to make a point or purpose. With this said, I think we all should take the next month to go about a change. Do something you normal would not do on a daily basis. Try eating something new. Try taking action into building up your community. If you think you alone can't do anything, brainstorm with your neighbors and go for a "call for action."  This is a moment in time where you can be a better you. This is a moment in time where you can help better your family, friends, or anyone else you come contact with; furthermore, they will see something new. Something different.

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Tag, I'm It!


Playing the game freeze tag was fun as a child. I think every elementary student should have played that game.  All that running and playing was good for us in those days. Now it is hard to get ourselves out to get some exercise each week. Besides freeze tag, everyone enjoyed a good game of dodge ball and kick ball during free time after a good lunch meal.  With this said, I've been tagged! Not physically tagged, but by another blogger.

Joel, the blogger, maintains So You Want to Teach? has tagged me. I found that out from an email I received this morning. I'll follow the rules and continue the game of blog tag!

The Rules:

  1. The rules of this game get posted at the beginning.
  2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
  3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them read your blog.
  4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer.

Now that I understand what to do, I will answer the questions. Now you and others can learn little bit about me on a personal level.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Back to the past around the year of 1988.  I'm not quite sure what happened during that year. I was in elementary school. During that time I had just moved from St. Louis to where I'm currently at in Memphis. I was busy being a child and making friends and doing my schoolwork. You know what the typical children do around their younger years. There were may be the moments of misbehaving and getting others in trouble. That is just about as much as I can remember for now.

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):

  • Study for tomorrow's exam - one of three
  • Start packing and cleaning up my dorm room to move out
  • Finish my English 1020 research paper to turn in Monday morning
  • Watch some television and just chill out
  • Get stressed out from studying too much and just tired myself out

3. Snacks I enjoy:

I enjoy eating fruit snacks, apples, oranges, blueberry muffins

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

  • Save some of the money to buy a customized house (and maybe another house in another city)
  • Give some money to my family when they are in need only with the limitation of "two collect this much money" passes
  • Buy two cars to park in my garage
  • Have some money to put towards my college tuition each year
  • A billion dollars is much so, I wouldn't really know what else to do with it besides putting it in the bank for future needs

5. Three of my bad habits

  • Being lazy
  • Putting things off until the last minute
  • Misplacing important items and get angry when I find it

6.  5 Places I Have Lived:

  • St. Louis
  • Memphis

7. 5 Jobs I Have Had:

Honestly, I have never really had a job. However, I have helped my aunt with her gas station and my aunt here in Memphis at her former job doing office work.

Tag, You're It!
Now it is time for me to name a few people I want to know:

1. Mark writes his blog about anything and everything. He has the mind of just talking about anything from the smallest problem to the daily happenings of his family. I enjoy reading his posts about his life each week.

2. Skwigg is a lady of the fitness. She blogs about her health and staying in shape. She is a person who enjoys eating different types of food. If you want a good work, it will be nice to read the blog about health and fitness.

3. Martin is a voice in the field of higher education. He is proud supporter of the field as well. I enjoy reading this blog and what Martin writes about. I would like to get to know him since he likes to write about the college life and report news about anything that is happening to college students.

4. Max may be a young blogger, but he goes make good points about the world of blogging in his posts. I enjoy reading his weekly tips and blurbs about how to make a better post or how to earn money while you blog.  It's a blog about blogging, so though he is young, he's a cool blogger.

5. Darren is a California teacher expressing everything about the teaching field and politics that deals with teachers. I would like to know little bit about him as a blogger. He talks about how the school system affects him personally outside and inside the classroom.

It's your turn to get tagged!

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Summer Vacation


Summer vacation is soon to be here. That's right, tomorrow is the last day for all University of Memphis students for the Spring Semester. I am glad that this semester is ending. Though the entire year was not so bad as a first year in college. One of the few questions asked among college students or anyone of the general public is "What are you doing to do for the summer?" There is not exact answer to this question. Everyone will have their own answers such as going out away to California or to Florida or New York. They can go on a simple trip of visiting their family and friends that lives in another state. No matter what you do you should go out and have FUN!! Right now I think everyone should be ready for a nice long summer. However, Summer does not officially begin until June 21st. On the other hand it comes early for me and other college students across the country who are ending last days of classes at the end of this month. For background information you can read History of the Summer Vacation.

There are so many events and activities that will be going on during the next few months. In Memphis, there is always some event that is going on whether it is a music festival or a food eating contest, you will enjoy yourself.

The Memphis in May celebration will honor the country of Turkey. The following events will be going on through the month of May:

You can visit the homepage of Memphis in May for more information such as the tickets and the exact day and time of the performances and events in details.

Not is not the only Memphis tradition that is going on, but there are more events for all ages that will be happening throughout the summer months. I only gave a vague calendar of events, but you can always go searching on your own for more information.

What do you plan on doing this summer? Is there a "summer tradition" that you or your family do every year? What's an ideal vacation for you?

This blog as been added to the Student Bloggers directory on yesterday by Alex who maintains a blog director and featured student blogs of the day. Every blog is listed by university. Therefore, this blog would be listed under "U of Memphis."

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Congratulations to Me!


The school year is steadily winding down to a conclusion. Teachers are wrapping up their last few class sessions with a review on final exams. I'm stressed among other students with finals. A comprehensive exam in American Government sounds scary. Intro to Theater sounds normal and easy. Algebra, most hated subject is a dread. English final sounds like a piece of cake. With this said, sometimes students make the test sound hard when in reality they will find the content of the exam is all in their heads. Studying is very important. From experience I learned that you can't cram half of a semester's notes in one night. I imagine that once the exams are over every student will feel very relieved. Getting these exams out the way and passing a class with decent grade (this depends on the individual student) will be rewarding and guilt free. I have not read anything yet in the Daily Helmsman about the final exams and giving students tips to overcome the fears. I will assume they will mention them next week in those special issues. Next Thursday is set to be Study Day. However, last semester's Study Day was relax and be lazy day. I thought the day was beneficial for students thought I did not study. Maybe this time around I may actually study.

With everything thus said, I will finally say that I made it to the final blog post of the semester. I feel that I accomplished something and I have. I accomplished to blog from the first day of class until the final day of blogging. I successful earned the blog percent of my grade for English. The hard work is paid off. When I submit my final document, I will be happy. As I stated yesterday, I don't think I will stop blogging for no apparent reason, but a deserved break is much needed. As a reflection, I worked very hard on this blog and making an effort to complete them by the deadline.

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The Evolution of Blogging


I've discovered this program called Windows Live Writer that allows you to write, type, and even publish posts to your blog. It is a nifty program. Since it is my second day using it, I will say that it is a bit better than writing up a post the regular way through Blogger. With Windows Live Writer you can do your normal writing, inserting maps, tags, videos, and published what you have written to your blog directly. Plus you can use it offline until you have to publish the blog. You can see what your posts will like as you type them on the template before you publish them. I have not yet to find a program of such easy usage. It will work with just about every blog service out there. When writing online in my Blogger it does not feel the same as I use this program. With this program, I feel more of a writer, a journalist. With a firm foundation, it is better than clicking on the "Create a Post" tab on Blogger. You should give it a try for those who are in the blogging game.

Over the last few days, I read about a few of my classmates' blog and noticed they ponder if they should keep blogging after Wendy's English class is done and over. I can say that I've thought about that myself. I think I may not completely stop blogging, but take a break from it. I somewhat lost that energy that I once had in the past few months. However, I'm mustering up these last few posts so I can submit them online tomorrow sometime. I won't say that I'm tired of blogging, but I will say that is a useful outlet to just as a reliever for now. It's a challenge to come up with topics and ideas to write about. Though this is not meant to be a personal blog, it has that feel and I don't want to be too personal with this blog. No, that is not the right direction. Though I want to be a teacher, I do like writing. I find this a bit useful. It would be nice to have more reader and public attention here and there. From research, I like the idea that teachers integrate the use of it and technology in their classes.

The idea that people can hop on the computer and post their inner most secret to their hatred of friends and enemies, blogging is another means of communication, journalism, and the next level of a technical evolution.

To keep up with the latest posts and updates of this blog, you should be a sign up to be subscriber! Please continue to read the blog as we sore together in the future of technology!

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The Debate of English Being the Official Language


Over the last several years, there have been debates and meeting sessions on English being the official language of this country. Most times people will agree where as other people do not want to stick with one language. Learning a new language when someone needs it to get around different countries. The English language is universal. Though most countries have one official language, our country has millions of people speaking different languages. Currently, there is an issue with establishing English as the official language. Although government officials do not want to declare an official language for the U.S., the English language should be official to help newcomers have the same advantages as Americans.

I don't remember reading any blogs about this topic or debate, but I decided to write on it because it is interesting to debate with other people and understand how they feel about different issues. I remember reading a couple of essays last semester from several writers and most of them really did not tell the reader if they are for or against amending the law to making English official. When I wrote the essay, I kind of did not think to which side should I choose since I may go against what I believe. In a past post that I wrote on understanding other views before we contradict ourselves we should first listen to others before we actual make a quick judgement. The Spanish speakers will most likely be against learning English for several reasons. Check this video out on Spanish speakers refusing to want to learn English. I'm not sure when this aired on TV, but I found it interesting.

From viewing this first part of the CNN news coverage, it seems that, or I think, that some the Spanish speakers or others of another language will think that a proposed law to mandate English as an official language will cause discrimination towards them as immigrants. India and Switzerland are good examples of countries that are successful using two official languages. On the other hand, English as an official language in our country will allow everyone to be equal and unified since everyone will be using the speaking the same language to take the American advantages that we have in this country. If English will be an official language limited documents, pamphlets, and other materials will be available in English; however those who speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc., will need to request literature in their native language.

Furthermore, the writer Robert King in this essay "Should English Be the Law?," he states that "language does not threaten American unity" (189). If we make English official then, we should be united to bring everyone together by language. There will not be any more communication problems, increased literacy scores in reading and writing will go up. Along the same lines King quotes the author of fairy tales, Jacob Grimm: "a nation is the totality of people who speak the same language" (184).

A law should be created to allow immigrants the chance of learning English that allows them to not be just be in the United States, but to be part of the culture, the business world, and the modern lifestyle. In short, English will allow immigrants to have the advantage of having freedom without being lost in the world. Though I can't do much that will force government officials to make a law or what have you, however, the U.S. should have one official language.

A good essay to read is "Why And When We Speak Spanish Among Ourselves in Public" by Myriam Marquez. Often times when someone speaks another language around us, we always think that are talking about us. Sometimes that may not be the case; however, this writer puts it in writing on why they speak their native language in public. We can't contradict everyone, but we sure can take time to understand and learn them.

Do you think English should be official? Will everyone that does not speak English as a first language will be have a better life? I'm sure you may not think English will be official, but what do you think? I find it interesting to see people debate on this issue.

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Analysis of "The Fourth of July" Part 2


This is second half of the essay that was posted on Friday.

Lorde uses the repetition of the word white several times. This allows the reader know that the family was living in a "white society." The first use of the word white is noticed when the father was explaining the situation about Phyllis getting her deposit back from the nuns. Lorde uses the world in describing the pain of "an agonizing corolla of dazzling whiteness" (569). This particular girl did not like the Fourth of July although she knew black people have the right to celebrate this national day. She describes the counter of the ice cream shop to be white marble. Since everyone was white, then all the materials were white. This gives meaning to explain that the family was set apart by the color of their skin. The whites were the only people to eat inside, and blacks had to get a doggy bag and walk right out of the shop.

To conclude this selection, Lorde writes, "The waitress was white, and the counter was white, and the ice cream I never ate in Washington, D.C., that summer I left childhood was white, and the white heat and the white pavement and the white stone monuments of my first Washington summer made me sick to my stomach for the whole rest of that trip and it wasn't much of a graduation present after all" (570). This use of repetition of the white allows Lorde to explain that the people of the city were very racist. She wants reader to know that she is strongly suggesting that the Fourth of July is all about white people. There is nothing black about Washington to Lorde. The purpose of repetition is to express how she feels about the overall experience of the vacation. Although this was supposed to be a fun vacation, it did not turn out as Lorde had expected.

The title of the selection, once read, is completely different from what a reader would expect. It is ironic that Lorde uses the title "The Fourth of July" since this holiday did turn out to be miserable rather than exciting and fun spending time with family. She uses the title to signify a meaningful essay of how her vacation is very different than any other holiday. It is ironic because, one read, Lorde allows readers to get happy and think her essay will be good, but when it is all said and done, they understand that her Fourth of July was not normal. Lorde should have changed her essay to give it a better understanding beforehand to let readers know exactly what the selection would be about. She could have renamed the essay "The Fourth of July in Washington" or "Racism During the Time of a National Holiday." These two titles would give a clear opinion of what the content of the selection is about. Instead, the irony in the title is to give more meaning and significance of how she felt on this day in another city.

This selection by Lorde is a personal experience of how she developed a different meaning for a national holiday. Although she felt happy, angry, and confused, she finally found out why her mother did not want the family to eat in the dining cat, how Phyllis did not get the chance to participate on a school trip, and how the racist people treated them. To get a better view of this memory, Lorde allows the reader to get a full understanding of the emotional trip, choice of words, and how selection may influence the readers to notice the ironic title of this selection.

Lorde, Audre. "The Fourth of July." Language Awareness. 9th ed. Ed. Paul Eschholz, Alfred Rosa, & Virginia Clark. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2005. 567-570
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Analysis of "The Fourth of July" Part 1


Cultural diversity is around our society. When it comes to the Fourth of July, every person has his or her own memory him or her experience during this special occasion. When Audre Lorde took a trip during the summer to Washington, D.C., she obtained her own memory and meaning of independence. In her essay she shares with readers a personally account of experiencing racism on a U.S. holiday when this is a day of joy and celebration. Lorde explains how she felt during the summer by using tone of voice, the repetition of words, and an ironic title.

The reader will know that this sentence shows that Lorde is really excited about going to a new city to have the chance of leaning about Washington, D.C. Lorde has a happy tone because the graduation was over for both daughters and the parents wanted to have a trip to Washington. At the beginning of the essay, Lorde states, "Preparation were in the air around our house before school was even over. We packed for a week" (567). The writer mentions about how she would eat the food as the family was settled. At that moment, Lorde's tone is happy and still excited because of the mention of the mother packing food as if they were going on a picnic. This acknowledges the point that Lorde is planning on having so much fun on her vacation. The scene where Lorde realizes that the family can not eat in the dining car causes the tone to change from being happy to confusing and curious about having dinner with the whites although she does not actually know the reason. Even though she does not directly know from being on the train why the mother did not want them in the dining car, the father does explain that whites are discriminating against the blacks.

To support this tone or mood, of being curious, Lorde "learned that Phyllis's high school senior class trip had been to Washington, but the nuns had given her back her deposit in private, explaining to her that the class, all of whom was white, except Phyllis, would be staying in a hotel where Phyllis 'would not be happy.' (568). To this end, they were not going to going to allow rooms to be rented by anyone that was black. Lorde tone had calmed down, and it goes to normal in regular voice. Further along in this selection, the tone dramatically rises from happiness to curiosity to anger. The anger happens when the family goes into the ice cream shop. Each family member sits down on the stools and waits for the waitress to serve them. When she spoke to the family the first time, they did not understand what she had said. The second time the waitress state, "I said I kin give you to take out, but you can't eat here" (569). The waitress had built anger in Lorde. Now she really gets made because they were not allowed to eat at the counter. Lorder is angry since everything that has happened during the vacation is not going the way she expected.

To express how she feels, with strong emotion, Lorde clearly exclaims," 'But we hadn't done anything!' This wasn't right or fair! Hadn't I written poems about Bataan and freedom and democracy for all?" (569). She is furious that the parents know what is happening and they are ignoring the discrimination and hatred the whites have against them and other blacks. To vent her feelings, Lorde writes a letter to the United States President. The tone increases from each situation that happens to the family. Using tone helps the reader to understand how the writer felt on this day. The other family members did not really have a change in tone. Everything to them was expressed in a "monotone" sense of style.

This is only the first part of the essay. There's more of the essay to be posted.
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Alantic Monthly: "Weni, Widi, Wiki"


I did not fully understand this article written by freelance writer Wayne Curtis who writes for the Atlantic Monthly. In his article "Weni, Widi, Wiki," about his four-day to Seattle. The twist is that he uses information from various social network websites that allow people to write about their trips, what are good restaurants, which hotel is best to stay during the trip. In the article he lists the websites he used to prepare for this trip instead of just venturing on his own. He depended on random internet users.

After reading this article, I'm not sure what to say about it. In other words I don't know the purpose of why the writer wrote this. As I read, he mentioned different sites that he used to plan the trip and even the hotel he would say for the time in Seattle.,,, are some of the sites listed on the page that he used as a guide for the unfamiliar city. You can't really trust what people write on websites or how they rate hotels. Overall, it is mostly opinions from users; either take it or leave it.

I will assume that he wrote the article to inform that relying on social networking sites can be good whereas you will not experience what you have read. Some of the remarks were good and others were terrible. I can't imagine using the Internet as a guide for a trip. To me, it serves the purpose of planning out a trip and finding where you should stay and what recreation activities are good for the family. The subtitle of the article is "our correspondent visits Seattle with only the hive mind of the Internet as his guide." This is an article about travel in the Critics section.

In some way this is like that Google article either in this publication or Harper's. The way the article is structure or written is up the author and how we respond after have read what he written. I did enjoy reading this article.
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The American Education System


Today was a wonderful Tuesday. It was just me and Sarah, Ryan, and Brandon in class this morning. Although it was the four of us, I enjoyed it. I had another chance to discuss with them and Wendy how my paper is going thus far. She helped me to find the websites that could be useful, but are not going to be helpful. I will admit that English this semester has been my favorite class and then next in line is Theater and the rest fall after those. We don't have too many days left of school before finals. The finals will be a dread for me. I will study for them and just do my fullest best of my abilities.

At the moment with my paper I have no ending point. I am writing until I meet the required amount of pages. However, I can always go back and add more to what I have now. I remember Wendy telling us that our paper can be longer than the pages at we may expect to have. I understand where she means. It is really good to have a nice, lengthy paper with meaning and showing that you met the goal of the class rather than writing a paper that is long and just not worth reading. With this said, I'm at my best to strengthen Part 3 which calls for my opinion and the last part which will include solutions.

Right now, I don't have no clue how I will write solutions to the issues with the education system. As I read through each part and think about, I see that I'm lost. I don't know what my opinions will be since I have to grab a focus. Rereading my introduction will help me see where I should make my next move.

My focus: The way students are learning and the way the American school system is today needs to change.

Though my focus is one sentence I now see that I need to find one statement or a few sentences that will allow readers to know where I stand on the issue of school assessment. I can say different things and mention the facts, but when it is all said and done I branch away from a true statement that proves that I know what I am talking about. When someone asks me a question about my paper, I want to be able to answer them with what I have found through research and what I have in my paper.
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The Anglo-Saxon Epic Heroes


The epic hero embodies the value of ideas of a particular society. They undertake long, dangerous journeys, or quest, to achieve something of a great value to themselves or their people. Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and Hector are epic heroes with the characteristics of going on a journey and risking death for the glory and for the greater good of society. Beowulf must protect a community by defeating a gruesome monster that seeks to destroy Herot hall. Gilgamesh is on a quest with his friend Enkidu to battle the monster Humbaba. The Trojan hero, Hector, who kills Patroclus, battles with Achilles one-on-one.

Beowulf is going on a journey and risking his life to defeat Grendel in Herot hall. As everyone enjoys life, Grendel is steaming mad with hatred for the humans. After Grendel comes storming in, he starts to snatch people left and right, destroying the hall. The great warrior hears what is happening. He goes to Denmark with some of his strongest men to defeat the shepherd of evil, guardian of crime. The hero has to now leave the land of Geats (Sweden) to battle, risking his life for an entire community. "The infamous killer fought for his freed, wanting no flesh but retreat, desiring nothing but escape; his claws had been caught, he was trapped" (line 53). Grendel and Beowulf are now wrestling around Herot hall, fighting each other. The Danes wants to help their great leader fight this big, brave monster, but Grendel is being unharmed with the magic he holds. At this point, Beowulf is risking death while he fights Grendel. The monster's shoulder was chopped; bones and muscles were broken. This defeat makes Beowulf a hero. He ended the grief, sorrow, and the suffering forced on Hrothgar's helpless people by a bloodthirsty friend. To boast his victorious battle with Grendel, Beowulf decides to hang up the monster's arm, claw, shoulder, and all. Beowulf went through battle so he can continue to have the frame of being noticed and the ego of being the great warrior of the Geats.

Gilgamesh is the next hero that is risking life and death to protect his society. Part god, and part human, Gilgamash will perform the deed of destroying the cedar forest of and the evil giant Humbaba. "I meet. I want to prove him not the awesome thing we think he is and that the boundaries set up by gods are not unbreakable. I will defeat him in his cedar forest. The youth of Uruk need his fight. They have grown soft and restless" (lines 26-32), is the speech he gives to the elders letting them know that he is there hero and that the journey to win the battle with the giant will be victorious for the good of everyone. The brave hero isn't going on this journey alone. As the battle goes on, Gilgamesh is ready for battle. He raises and ax and struck at the great cedar. Instantly, Humbaba races to see what is happening. Now the ironic part is that Gilgamesh boasted in the past about defeating the giant and now he is scared. Gilgamesh has defeated the giant with his ax and watches as he plea for his life. Finally this horrible battle is over and the head of Humbaba is swinging from a tree.

The last epic hero is Hector - the honorable warrior-prince of the Trojans. The conflict is between him and Achilles, the enemy. The god Apollo assists Hector. Apollo is the sun god and his name is Phoebus. Everything started when Hector kills a soldier named Patrochus. Achilles is enraged and seeks revenge because the Greeks believed that a soul could not be rested until the body was buried with proper rituals. Hector is running around the city way from Achilles. He is trying to run for the Dardan Gates, but Achilles isn't allowing that to happen. Zeus uses his scales of judgment to decide the fates of Achilles and Hector. Hector is doomed to die since everyone wants him died. Athena tricks Hector into thinking that she is Deiphobus, one of his brothers. "No more running from you in fear, Achilles! Not as before. Three times I flee around the great city of Priam - I laced courage then to stand your onslaught. Now my spirit stirs me to meet you face-to-face. Now kill or be killed!" (lines 73-77). Hector is stating that he is willing to be the brave warrior. Hector realizes that Athena had tricked him blind. Finally, Hector went t to the House of Death and the Trojans are left alone with no hero. Achilles goes and cause trouble with the Trojans to see what they will do since the hero is dead.

In conclusion, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and Hector went on a journey to help their society. Beowulf has the superhuman strength and reflects the highest ideas of his culture - the Anglo-Saxon culture of ancient England. Despite the differences at several points in their adventure, Gilgamesh and Enkidu defeated the giant Humbaba and their attitudes changed as well. Hector died as he tried to keep his life and save the Trojans during the war against the Greeks. These three Anglo-Saxon heroes did a good deed, went to battle, risk their life to save their community, kept their ego, and overcame evil over good.
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April Showers


I had a plan to write make this post on how the English language should be the official language of this country. I'm sure it will stir up a debate. In my paper I wrote last semester, I stated that the language should be official in America. I should share it with you a bit later. Of course that may start up people saying they rather want this country to have more than one official language such as the other countries across the seas. Should the United States have English as the official language? Like Yasir said in his post about the racism discussion I normally will have something to say about some type of issue or my opinion to share.

Today it rained and I got soaked walking to and from my 11:30 a.m. class this morning. I am just glad it did not rain while I had my 8:00 a.m. class. All in all, it turned out to be an awesome day. Tomorrow the Memphis vs. UCLA game is during the evening. I'm a slight nervous since I had a nightmare about our Tigers losing the game. I guess it was those chips I ate before bed. I hope they WIN and go on to Monday's game. It will be so exciting to tell people I go to THE University of Memphis!!

Lately, I have found myself reading, or discovering, different blogs and bloggers on various topics; especially those who are teachers or just blog to rant/vent their anger. However, most of the blogs are pretty good. Next month I should be getting the Atlantic Monthly and Harper's magazines in the mail. I will be getting both magazines for the next year. I look forward to seeing the different articles and columns they will be written. It is good to see the different writing styles of the writers and being able to see how they can relate to me writing. We should read everything and find the meaning and purpose of an article. That is something Wendy always wants us to do.

I wished I did not have three to four papers due over the next two weeks before the last day of class, but they have to get done for a grade. The good thing with one of the paper is that I get to see the play Animal Farm at the U of M Theater. I've read the book in high school, saw the animated and live action version (with real, talking animals), and wrote a term paper during my senior year in high school. So much, much writing needs to be done before school is out.

Go! Tigers! Go!
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A Positive Influence


There are millions of people that I know. Out of everyone, there's one particular person that has a positive influence in my life. This wonderful lady is JoAnn Hollenbach. She is my retired Honors Humanities teacher. I must say there can be several reasons why I chose this person. Ms. Hollenbach taught me as well as others to broaden our horizon. She wanted also wanted me to be open-minded and to have a voice, and to enjoy life.

Since I have graduated from Raleigh-Egypt High, I want to go beyond just living in Memphis, to go out and learn more. I can remember Ms. Hollenbach teaching a lesson about Italy and how she would travel and expand her thinking. This lesson impacted me because I want to go out and visit other countries and learn about their ways of living and a new viewpoint of other cultures. This one lesson Ms. Hollenbach taught me is always on my mind. I will call this a goal in life.

The next positive value is Ms. Hollenbach teaching me not to have a closed mind, but to see a better way of thinking. This influenced me to be prepared for the different reactions, beliefs, opinions, and ways of life from other cultural people. I believe it is a good thing to be able to state my opinion and show the world that I have a voice. She influenced me not be dumb or stupid; therefore, I have the eagerness to learn more and gain more knowledge. Knowledge is power!

The last thing that led her to influence me is to go out and enjoy life. She didn't want me to just be left out in the world, but to have this young spirit and to know that I am somebody. To me, enjoying life is making myself happy. For example, relaxing, watching TV, reading, going out to learn more education ideas, seeing theatrical productions, and knowing that I am happy allow me to know that I enjoy life.

Ms. JoAnn Hollenbach influenced me in several ways from expanding my horizon, being open-minded, and wanting to know more to have a voice that allows me to let others know how I think and feel.
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I Want to Write a Book & Get it Published


"The way you define yourself as a writer is that you write every time you have a free minute. If you didn't behave that way you would never do anything." ~ John Irving

I have not done anything outside writing besides this blogging and collecting my grades each week. I want to get a book published. Why kind of book you ask? I'm not sure. I can write about anything, I can talk about life, I can write about aliens coming to take humans back to Mars. I can write about anything that sparks pen to paper. I have not forgotten about attending college to be a teacher. That is a career that will fit me. I look at it as teachers as with the job of helping the world out producing more professional students.

Last month, I wrote how thinking can cease creativity. Writers do need a bit of time to find something to write. Some posts before that I wrote on how reading, thinking, and writing is important. These skills are important to a writer. You train yourself to be a better writer when you read. Do you agree? Friday I wrote about the three writers that came to the University. They talked on the subject of how they write and how they came about writing on baseball, being in a country during the time of war, and how language evolved from the past to today.

I also posted a descriptive piece that I had written in my English class last semester. I had to think for bit to get very creative to write about an elderly lady's attic. The paragraph as it is called is a piece of fiction work. I have never been in an attic so dusty or antique. I had to be very detailed so that the reader can picture themselves actually walking around the attic.
I still have my portfolio of my essays from last semester. As I look over them, they are good essays and set the expectation of my level of writing skills. There are essays that I will keep and just look back upon. They could be added to the book I want to write and get published.

"Any man who keeps working is not a failure. He may not be a great writer, but if he applies the old-fashioned virtues of hard, constant labor, he'll eventually make some kind of career for himself as writer. " ~ Ray Bradbury
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