To All Readers

I'm so excited for the long, long summer that I have ahead of me. A first year of college completed. Party time, guys! I would like to personally thank everyone, all my readers, for checking this blog out and reading it each week. I do like the interaction that I have with the readers of this blog and among others who own blogs. I think I'm doing a good job since this blog has been started back in January of this year. As I think about it seem that I have piled so crammed many, many posts in one week as if you were on a speeding train to get from point A to point B. Again, I appreciate each one of you for reading the blog. I'm not sure in what direction to go, but I know it is time for a new blog design. However, not sure if I should change the template.

Though I'm not on a full break from blogging, I will post through the week, but not as much as I was in the past during my English class for a grade. One challenge: Finding what to write about without being too personal. I don't want to write from a personal perspective though I will relate to some things in first person. I did a guest post for another blogger and in return I had a post written that was posted here last month. I've been reading about guest bloggers and the pros and cons of having them. Those thoughts have stumbled upon my mind here and there.

Is it time for a change? I remember reading the different comments on yesterday's post about a time for a change. For a fact, I read some good thoughts from people and a bit of "debate" from people talking about the past and the present and how we can now put them into a connecting relationship. That alone is something to think about. To get the connection of yesterday's post, I think it may be helpful to read two past posts entitled Our Perspective and Understanding Another View. Maybe you will find a connection or some type of meaning. At the beginning of the spring semester in English we had to write our own manifesto. I tried my best to not write too much if there is such a thing as writing too much. I'm satisfied with what I have written and by reading it you can better understand me a person and my mission in life.

As I enjoy my night, I hope you enjoy yours.


  • Woohoo summer is coming! Yup it's going to be a chance to finally relax and enjoy the weather. Classes and exams really spoil the beautiful spring weather for me. Anyway I know we have to make a connection with our past perspectives. It's kind of awkward, considering how my persepective changes so rapidly. It's like I'm a new person. It reflects in the writing. I used to write about myself in my blogs, now I write as if I'm writing from a general perspective, a consensus if you will. It's really amazing how writing can help change perspectives.

  • Funny, I've been having the same thoughts. I've been writing more general, but have been thinking about being (slightly) more personal. I don't want a diary, but as I read through past posts I don't feel my silly/wacky/sarcastic personality comes through. Of course, like you, I probably won't be posting as much over the summer...

  • I realize that myself that I don't see my personality in the posts. I probably can say that each post has a different writing style and tone of voice. However, I blieve that I'm doing a good job. Writing personally and in a form of a diary is nice only if that is what you have in mind and what people to read. I want to say that maybe changing our perspective will cause contradiction. As a writer it is good to have supporting foundation for future experiences.

  • I am looking forward to the summer break too. Mine will be short though, next week and then I am back to the college for a short 6 week term. Then I will be off for a few months. I do however enjoy the summer term; the campus is quiet and all moves slowly, at least I think it does. I like to use this "slow time" to prepare for fall term and catch up and finish all my writing "projects."

    By the way, "are" doing a mighty fine job with your blog. Having a clear goal provides direction for you, but if you need to deviate from your original path every now and then, it is fine, too. There is nothing wrong with variety and change as long as you do not lose focus. My best to you this summer.