April Showers

I had a plan to write make this post on how the English language should be the official language of this country. I'm sure it will stir up a debate. In my paper I wrote last semester, I stated that the language should be official in America. I should share it with you a bit later. Of course that may start up people saying they rather want this country to have more than one official language such as the other countries across the seas. Should the United States have English as the official language? Like Yasir said in his post about the racism discussion I normally will have something to say about some type of issue or my opinion to share.

Today it rained and I got soaked walking to and from my 11:30 a.m. class this morning. I am just glad it did not rain while I had my 8:00 a.m. class. All in all, it turned out to be an awesome day. Tomorrow the Memphis vs. UCLA game is during the evening. I'm a slight nervous since I had a nightmare about our Tigers losing the game. I guess it was those chips I ate before bed. I hope they WIN and go on to Monday's game. It will be so exciting to tell people I go to THE University of Memphis!!

Lately, I have found myself reading, or discovering, different blogs and bloggers on various topics; especially those who are teachers or just blog to rant/vent their anger. However, most of the blogs are pretty good. Next month I should be getting the Atlantic Monthly and Harper's magazines in the mail. I will be getting both magazines for the next year. I look forward to seeing the different articles and columns they will be written. It is good to see the different writing styles of the writers and being able to see how they can relate to me writing. We should read everything and find the meaning and purpose of an article. That is something Wendy always wants us to do.

I wished I did not have three to four papers due over the next two weeks before the last day of class, but they have to get done for a grade. The good thing with one of the paper is that I get to see the play Animal Farm at the U of M Theater. I've read the book in high school, saw the animated and live action version (with real, talking animals), and wrote a term paper during my senior year in high school. So much, much writing needs to be done before school is out.

Go! Tigers! Go!