Congratulations to Me!

The school year is steadily winding down to a conclusion. Teachers are wrapping up their last few class sessions with a review on final exams. I'm stressed among other students with finals. A comprehensive exam in American Government sounds scary. Intro to Theater sounds normal and easy. Algebra, most hated subject is a dread. English final sounds like a piece of cake. With this said, sometimes students make the test sound hard when in reality they will find the content of the exam is all in their heads. Studying is very important. From experience I learned that you can't cram half of a semester's notes in one night. I imagine that once the exams are over every student will feel very relieved. Getting these exams out the way and passing a class with decent grade (this depends on the individual student) will be rewarding and guilt free. I have not read anything yet in the Daily Helmsman about the final exams and giving students tips to overcome the fears. I will assume they will mention them next week in those special issues. Next Thursday is set to be Study Day. However, last semester's Study Day was relax and be lazy day. I thought the day was beneficial for students thought I did not study. Maybe this time around I may actually study.

With everything thus said, I will finally say that I made it to the final blog post of the semester. I feel that I accomplished something and I have. I accomplished to blog from the first day of class until the final day of blogging. I successful earned the blog percent of my grade for English. The hard work is paid off. When I submit my final document, I will be happy. As I stated yesterday, I don't think I will stop blogging for no apparent reason, but a deserved break is much needed. As a reflection, I worked very hard on this blog and making an effort to complete them by the deadline.


  • The fireworks are a nice touch, haha. I’ll be very glad to be done with all of my work, as well. Good job this semester - I think you’ve made a lot of progress in your writing, and it was nice being in class with you. Good luck on your finals, and have a good summer!

  • Take a break yes. But stop blogging. banish the thought!!. I Hope you got an A in course. Enjoy your break. :)

  • I am really stressed out too, that all these finals are coming up and all these really big final papers. They are intimidating. I just have to think in about a week everything will be over in about a week, and then I will be free for an entire summer. I hope all your finals will work out for you!

  • Congratulations! Yes, definitely keep blogging..but at your own pace and in your own time! As far as finals..yup studying works..but also think positively...good luck!

  • I won't stop blogging. Like you said, I will blog in my own time and try to stay motivated to be in the blogsphere, but not like them in the way of having a blog. If that make sense. Thank you everyone for reading my blog this far. Please continue to read and subscribe!

  • Yeah! Almost there maybe! Think if week of the semester felt this way: a mix of relief and despare haha! It's great and horrible at the same time!

    I hope you all the best Kelvin, your exams and the papers we have to write.