The American Education System

Today was a wonderful Tuesday. It was just me and Sarah, Ryan, and Brandon in class this morning. Although it was the four of us, I enjoyed it. I had another chance to discuss with them and Wendy how my paper is going thus far. She helped me to find the websites that could be useful, but are not going to be helpful. I will admit that English this semester has been my favorite class and then next in line is Theater and the rest fall after those. We don't have too many days left of school before finals. The finals will be a dread for me. I will study for them and just do my fullest best of my abilities.

At the moment with my paper I have no ending point. I am writing until I meet the required amount of pages. However, I can always go back and add more to what I have now. I remember Wendy telling us that our paper can be longer than the pages at we may expect to have. I understand where she means. It is really good to have a nice, lengthy paper with meaning and showing that you met the goal of the class rather than writing a paper that is long and just not worth reading. With this said, I'm at my best to strengthen Part 3 which calls for my opinion and the last part which will include solutions.

Right now, I don't have no clue how I will write solutions to the issues with the education system. As I read through each part and think about, I see that I'm lost. I don't know what my opinions will be since I have to grab a focus. Rereading my introduction will help me see where I should make my next move.

My focus: The way students are learning and the way the American school system is today needs to change.

Though my focus is one sentence I now see that I need to find one statement or a few sentences that will allow readers to know where I stand on the issue of school assessment. I can say different things and mention the facts, but when it is all said and done I branch away from a true statement that proves that I know what I am talking about. When someone asks me a question about my paper, I want to be able to answer them with what I have found through research and what I have in my paper.


  • I am having a lot of problems with my paper. I have had problems the whole semester though. I'm really not good at this whole research paper thing. I don't feel like I'm really answering the questions we are supposed to be answering. I hate part 3 because it is really hard for me to write about my opinion. In my high school, we never used our opinions, so that has been a really big change for me. Good luck on your paper!

  • I know what you mean April. I kind of like researching, but when it comes down to writing the paper I get to the point of not wanting to write it. However, I do have some more work to do on part 3 and 4 over the next week. I'm glad we're in the stage of finalizing our parts into one big paper.

  • Same here. I don't know how well my paper will end up considering all these steps are new to me. We used to have papers that were 5 pages, not 9-12 pages long. So whatever grade I get, I'm going to say that I tried because it was my first time. Plus they say Wendy is a tough teacher in the beginning of the semester so we'll see if she lives to that statement. I hope she can cut me some slack because this is my first time enrolled in one of her classes.