The Evolution of Blogging

I've discovered this program called Windows Live Writer that allows you to write, type, and even publish posts to your blog. It is a nifty program. Since it is my second day using it, I will say that it is a bit better than writing up a post the regular way through Blogger. With Windows Live Writer you can do your normal writing, inserting maps, tags, videos, and published what you have written to your blog directly. Plus you can use it offline until you have to publish the blog. You can see what your posts will like as you type them on the template before you publish them. I have not yet to find a program of such easy usage. It will work with just about every blog service out there. When writing online in my Blogger it does not feel the same as I use this program. With this program, I feel more of a writer, a journalist. With a firm foundation, it is better than clicking on the "Create a Post" tab on Blogger. You should give it a try for those who are in the blogging game.

Over the last few days, I read about a few of my classmates' blog and noticed they ponder if they should keep blogging after Wendy's English class is done and over. I can say that I've thought about that myself. I think I may not completely stop blogging, but take a break from it. I somewhat lost that energy that I once had in the past few months. However, I'm mustering up these last few posts so I can submit them online tomorrow sometime. I won't say that I'm tired of blogging, but I will say that is a useful outlet to just as a reliever for now. It's a challenge to come up with topics and ideas to write about. Though this is not meant to be a personal blog, it has that feel and I don't want to be too personal with this blog. No, that is not the right direction. Though I want to be a teacher, I do like writing. I find this a bit useful. It would be nice to have more reader and public attention here and there. From research, I like the idea that teachers integrate the use of it and technology in their classes.

The idea that people can hop on the computer and post their inner most secret to their hatred of friends and enemies, blogging is another means of communication, journalism, and the next level of a technical evolution.

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  • I agree, Live Writer is awesome. I've been using it for a while now to publish both of my blogs.Fortunatley for me my wife is posting quite a bit on the wordpress blog so that takes off the "burden" of two post a day.

    I can understand wanting to take a break from blogging. Just don't make it to long of a break. Your words of wisdom would be missed.:)

  • I haven't heard of this software, I'm definitely going to check it out, because I create a lot of fairly lengthy blogs. Could be handy! Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll, by the way. :-)

  • One of the things I really like about Live Writer is the ability to publish posts for a future date. It only works on some services but when it does, it is a great way to spread posts out.

  • I have not used the future date publishing feature though I did have it on for today's post, but I posted it manually early this morning. I do like Live Writer since I can type posts offline. The programs and evolution of blogging and how we blog is progressing. Plus blogging can be much easier as well with the program.