Guest Post: Flying through Door #4


It's been awhile since I've sat down and watched TV. Maybe a year or so. But, from when I did, I remember a commercial for Audi. Clearly, this commercial was posed for the young, up-and-coming gen-y. If you don't remember the one, let me give you the run-down:

Behind a stark, stoic desk sat a stark, stoic man. In front of him: a younger man, much less comfortable in the office filled with deep mahogany furniture.

The elder of the two dogmatically laid out the other's life for him.

"You will attend one of these three [Ivy-league] Schools"

"You will enter one of these three [high-paying, upper-echelon] professions"

"You will drive one of these three luxury cars..." and, of course, this is when the Audi pulls up providing the perfect option #4.

What Audi did well was identify a foundational paradigm shift in the mindset of this generation: we're willing to take the chance behind door #4. We are making choices that dumbfound our elders, but seem natural to us, albeit a bit risky from time to time. But that's what excites us. We know this is our life, and we're set on living.

One year ago, I walked - or rather flew - through my door #4. I left the comfort of my hometown, my friends, family, managerial position in retail, roommates and culture to fly to the other side of the world and teach English in Taiwan for a year.

What I learned in that year I will carry with me the rest of my life. My view of culture (both mine and foreign), and my view of myself altered entirely. The details of how and what are chronicled on my blog, but I'm not here to bore you with that.

What I'm here to say is this: the rules of the game have changed. Door #4 is not only a more viable option, but a more accessible one.

On the rise in the US, and already widely accepted in much of Europe and Australia, is the gap year. This is the idea of taking a break from life and doing like I did: getting out. It's generally before entering university, after graduation, or occasionally in between (though the "adult gap year" is on the rise as well).

As the world gets smaller every day, and technology makes life and communication more mobile, leaving for a year (or 6 months, or a month) becomes easier.

There's increasing research that the "gap year" has unseen benefits that employers are taking notice from. reported on researchers finding an association between those who have lived abroad and an elevated level of creativity.

But here's my beef with the "gap year" mentality. It leaves the traveler with the idea that the year is a "break" from her/his life.

Let me tell you, that year is as much a part of your life as your 4 years in university. Or getting hired at your dream gig.

Over at The Drift, we have a saying: The Journey is the Destination.

We've been programed to think our life is a succession of events: High School; University; Career; Family; Retirement; Death.

That's boring.


If I can encourage readers to one thing, it's this: Don't be afraid to do something different. Something you never thought you'd do. And when you do, remember what you do along the way to your "life goals (or "destinations")" is just as much of your life as those big events. Because Life isn't about the big events; life started yesterday, and yesterday is gone. Don't wait for some far off event to start living.

More than any point in history, any generation before us, the door on option number four has blown wide open. The rules of normalcy have changed, and the rise of information and technology have given us the keys to our life. Take them and use them. Find what you're passionate about through your door #4, then walk, no, fly through and live your life.

Because Life is a Journey, friends. And the Journey is the Destination.

About the Author: After spending a year in Taiwan blogging at The Taiwan Drift, Chase relocated himself back to sunny Southern California and relocated his blogging endeavors to Feel free to drop him a line on his blog or on Twitter.

[Photo found here through Flickr's Creative Common]
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Synchroblog Round Up: Super Powers, Something We All Want


So we all have now realized our own super power that we want for various reasons whether in a good way or a bad way. And for some there are many that can may want, but there is that certain one that will gives us that funk we need. Without further distractions, here’s a round-up of who participated in the Synchroblog this month. You see what each of them wanted as a super power if they had one. Go check them out and comment and do a bit of chit-chat. Mingle and meet new people!

If you participated and happened to be not on the list, let me know so you can be added.

Until next time… holla!

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Reality: I’m Just an Ordinary Person


We only got one world. Over the last few days I’ve been doing some thinking… thinking about everything that has been going on with me personally and other people. Is it okay to have the days where we can show sadness and not be all happy? Like those days where things may not be going so well? I mean sometimes I feel like I’m alone and what I’m thinking and experiencing, others may not be going through. Okay, I will admit that I had an unusual childhood and even my years in middle and high school had the good and bad experiences and people that I met. And I will say that half of the time though I’m smiling and seem so happy, deep somewhere, I’m not quite the way I appear.

Well, I'm going home, back to the place where I belong
And where your love has always been enough for me
I'm not running from, no, I think you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
So I'm going home, well I'm going home

Home by Daughtry

I’m just an ordinary person living the life of an average person. I mean sometimes I feel like I’m just in this world, but yet in a world of my own. This is reality. This where the line of growing up comes into play and maturing into adulthood. This or these depressive feelings of being overwhelmed because I can’t get any assignments done exists. The feelings of not being an average social person comes and goes. I mean what exactly does it take to express to everyone else to take it slow and not have a big ego. I guess I will have to say that I’m not living the life… pretending that everything is alright, but it’s not.

My heart goes out to those who may be on the wrong path in life. Sometimes I feel like telling people to be themselves and let me be me. Other times I feel like I have done something wrong because I didn’t save a person’s life? There’s so much helping I can offer to everyone. All I ask is to give me a chance. I do apologize for such post, but I feel like these feeling and thoughts must be released. Released by the method of writing. Things should not go in the direction of societal expectations because it will only make things worse for a person. I rather not go with the crowd but in a path of my own.

As Frost’s poem goes, we should take the path less taken. This reminds of the quote on being a leader. It’s not a position but an action. Far too many people want to be leaders but they are not showing action (by the way which is a verb!). They just want the title of being a leader because it looks good on their resume. I hear that a lot. It’s like a newly found cliché. I, again, apologize for spilling my guts. I feel that the expression and feelings and trueness of the writer of the blog should be known. It allows the friends to be closer to the writer if you ask me. This is reality. What is reality? Bring the REAL out of reality. Reality television is not really as it should be. It, the shows has script and all done in a studio in Hollywood or another great American city. If you want reality try going out with a camera and record your every day life. NOW THAT’S REALITY.

I feel like I kind of don’t belong. I feel alone and there’s a song that I can’t think of right now that mentions that there’s someone else that may be feeling the same. And we shouldn’t be feeling left out alone. I mean I’m just an ordinary person. Either people will like you or either they don’t. But all in all I feel that I shouldn’t have to do what others are doing and have almost the same interests as they do in order to make friends with them. I rather be at a place where I belong. Where is that place you may ask? I’m not quite sure. If you know of that place let me know. I’m a person on a mission to achieve life goals. I want to be able to be a person that can contribute to our society in one way or another.

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And the Synchroblogging Topic Is…


“If I Had a Super Power”

Yep. That’s the topic. I wonder what I would if I had a superpower. One may not be enough, but it could also be safer than having multiple powers. What would your super power would be if you have one? Would you want to read the minds of others? Would you want drive a car that could fly everywhere to avoid traffic? How about being able to freeze time and rewind it like a video tape… or more like TiVo? If you had a superpower what would it be?

A few notes:

  • September 23 is the day your post should be published! You should ink back to this post and post your link to your post. If not, then I will still find it and compile a list of some sort.
  • You can take the topic and run with it in whatever manner you want. Whether you want to post pictures, do a video, or tell a creative story. The topic + you = one heck of an awesome post.
  • Anyone is able to join the Synchroblogging. It’s all about having fun! Invite others to participate.
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Reality: The State of Being True


Note: This post contains my ideas and opinions that have not been released to the general public.

But, if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah

Those are words to the song Where is the Love by the Black Eyed Peas. I think you should go take a look at the video because I think it is a song you should listen to and the images that are played throughout the video. I believe the video talks about the typical problems and issues that occur every day in the United States. This song is one of my favorite as well since I think it fits in with what goes on in my life and how people are mistreating each other whether within their own racial group or towards the others. I guess I can add education with this, too, because teachers and schooling is where children get influenced by their peers and they are typically what is right and what is wrong. It starts with the parents while they are raising their child. I mean being in college helps me to open up to the real world. The classes, the people, the overall experiences really effect students in several ways. But that’s a different story.

I feel the need to talk about this because I am always thinking about this but I don’t share it with others. Why? Because I know there are some people that may not be open to talking about culture, the racial state of the country and abroad. I do respect that and sometimes I don’t like talking about it depending on the approach of such issue. I think this is a song that helps express how I feel and my philosophical thinking. I guess sometimes I have to speak up and use my voice more often. Because I am in the background, being observant of everything that goes on in every day.

Yo', whatever happened to the values of humanity
Whatever happened to the fairness and equality
Instead of spreading love we're spreading animosity
Lack of understanding, leading lives away from unity

Look at all the negative things that have happened-big or small. Recently, during the Music Video Awards, Kanye gets on stage and really hijack Taylor’s Swift acceptance speech. And then Pres. Obama calls him a jackass. He deserves that and then the apology on the Late Night show… I didn’t really find that sincere. Or maybe it was but he was just a bit tipsy when he messed up other people chances of wining. I mean the song that was nominated was country and I like it myself, but that was down right wrong. I don’t think that was right. What was going through his mind?? Does that fact that someone from “the outside” won an award that usually won by many of other obvious artists? His social behaviors and interactions could be a cause of that incident. At least that just an assumption. Where is the love?

Culture affects what we do and and the person we are. Ethnics are characteristics of culture that are distinguish by a group itself. Sometimes we have to practice what we preach. If I feel like I don’t like what is going on, I should try to speak up and do something. Other times I feel that people should so the same thing as well. If you don’t like what the government is doing with health care, do something about it. But then, the contradiction comes to play, that I’m just an ordinary person. What will little old me do to help solve a big issue. Sometimes you have to work your way up and then deal with issues on the smaller scale. Think about this: Does race matter when determining life chances?

Song lyrics from Let Me Be Myself" by 3 Doors Down

I guess i just got lost being someone else,
I tried to kill the pain
But nothing ever helped
I left myself behind
Somewhere along the way
Hoping to come back around
and find myself some day

Tell me please
Would you one time,
Let Me Be Myself
So I can shine,
with my own light
Let Me Be Myself

Personally, sometimes I feel like I’m alone. I feel like I’m the only person that is not like many others (which is good) but I’m in a world of my own. But I’m still trying to figure out why I feel that way. Maybe because people I know and see every day may not have the same ideas and vision that I have and maybe I’m not like everyone else that do a lot of socializing. I’m trying to figure out myself every day. I guess that goes along with the rest of what this post is about, but then it may not. Not everyone will accept us for who we are. We all make all types of friends. That’s the best part of life. Making friends and hanging out with people that are really there whenever you need them and just people of common interest to talk to. Maybe because those are some close minded people that will not allow new ideas to be formed and allow them to look out the box. Sometimes all I ask is just listen and give chances to those who are capably of doing the job. Also, maybe we should let everyone allow themselves to shine. This world could be a lot better. Don’t you think? At least not better it will make progress and be different than it is now!

I remember when I went to California last summer and really got to experience life out of the city. And I will tell you that there’s so much outside of Memphis that some people may not even recognize. Some people have stayed in their city of origin for years and will not leave… not saying that should get up and move and it’s good they care about their city because we all should; especially the country as a whole. Think about this: Friends that you may have that are not native to the U.S., what do you think their reasons of moving here? What do you think about the international people talking about America and this is the best place to live. Again, this can be all good and yet they could also talk about Americans in a bad way. So there is a serious time to clean up everything that may not be what is best for the minority because the majority gets everything they want.

I made a note at the beginning of this post because what I have said in this post are things I think about through the week, but I never really told anyone nor had the urge to tell anyone. I guess it is not something I would say out of the blue unless I wanted to make conversation. Then, again I’m not too big to talk about said things unless it is needed. We aren’t mind readers so we can’t read what other people are thinking unless we ask them and then that will give an answer. Often times that can be the case and other times they choose not to share, but all in all we have to respect what they have to say because it is valuable. It can be useful because their thoughts can help reason out what may not be working and if anything needs changing to be restructured. If it is not broken, then don’t fix it. If you try, things may go wrong and get very messy.

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Guest Post: Wanted: Girlfriend


It’s been so long that I’ve been single, in its strictest sense, in my life. I could give you a list of why I never had a girlfriend for that long but if I do that I would just give myself an excuse for not having one instead of being on active lookout. Seriously, too, I’m sick of fooling around, flirting with somebody and acting like a boyfriend but in reality I’m just a runner-up, a go-to person when the “cat” is away. It’s an emotional torture for me, though most of these girls do not know how I feel.

Though I’m on a serious hunt for a girlfriend, I think it is not right for anybody to settle for the available of force yourself to like someone. It would be like playing around again, only you have the other party holding on to a make believe commitment. (But at times of desperation, I might believe the concept of learning to love a person with time, and to actually go for the one who is willing.) So it’s just proper to set a qualification, a minimum standard for someone you would go out with (though most of the time, the “love of our life” is the exception to the rule”).

And since I have mention setting up or listing some qualifications for a future partner or just a girlfriend, I might as well list mine here. Okay, it’s such a cliché to include having a great body, perfect vital statistics and such in the list. I mean it’s already given that we would love to hook up with some we can be proud of and would love to spend our intimate moments with an amazing girl, so what’s the use of including those characteristics here. I’m not a very choosy or picky guy. I’m only looking for one great character of a girl- she has to be understanding. How understanding or how long her patience she has to have? Here’s my short list.

  1. First, she has to know that I’m a mama’s boy and my grandma’s favorite. I know sometimes it’s such a turn off but I great girl would understand that. She has to know that when my mom calls me up or my grandma starts to worry of my whereabouts, even if we are in the middle of our date, I have to bill out immediately and go back home the very minute I received the “bat call” or you’ll eat alone and pay our dinner. Okay, not really that quick, maybe after the dinner I would have to go immediately and cancel any further plans for the day/night.
  2. Second, she has to know that every now and then, I go out with my best buddy. Take note, my best buddy isn’t a dog or a guy. She’s Clarysse (Clark, for short) and you read it right- “she”. Well, I won’t really give her any reason to be jealous with Clark. I know where to draw lines and set priorities. Besides, my best friend has a boyfriend and we don’t really like to complicate things further.
  3. Next, she has to realize that I have a very delicate appetite. I only got a handful of vegetables that are edible to me so she has to have that list of mine. Chocolate bars are surprisingly bitter to my taste bud. But I only eat cakes and ice cream with chocolate flavor. That’s how complicated I can be.
  4. And finally, she has to know that I am a child at heart…and will always be. It’s not that I’m immature or that it will take more time for me to grow up. Because to tell you the truth, my being a childish is already a way of life to me, a personality that defines me. She has to live with it. She has to be very caring to me. Her attention must be centered to me as much as possible. I wanted to be spoiled. But I don’t want her to act like my mom or my grandma ‘coz I already got one. She just has to be loving to kids like me.

Now you know how understanding she has to be. You may even conclude that the above are the reasons why I am still single. I won’t argue. But the above are really not that all inclusive. It’s not even a strict rule. Like what I said in the second item, I won’t give my girl any reason to be jealous or be mad. I know how to set priorities and to honor them. And more often than not, the girl we usually end up with are exceptions to the rule. Besides, I’m on a search for a girlfriend, not yet a wife.

By the way, I’m John from the Philippines blogging at Life Inc. In case you’re curious about me or you want to apply, just tell Kelvin. He knows where to find me.

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It’s Synchroblogging Time! (Relaunching & Back in Action)


How are you? I hope your week is as you plan it to be. A few ago, I mentioned a little something about synchroblogging:

I’ve have this idea that I would like to being back to life. It’s called Synchroblogging (until I can find a cool title. Any suggestions?) What happens is every moth everyone writes on the same topic, on the same day. Sounds easy right? Of course. So all bloggers are welcome to join when I do launch it. So you just blog in whatever form you one on the same day as the other participants on the same topic. So that’s the latest thing that will involve the readers and anyone else who wants to add into their blogging experience.

So, that’s just gives you an idea of is suppose to be going on around these neck of the woods. You can also do a search on this by using the search box at the top and notice the early, “experimental” days of this. Now this is where you come in, of course, to help. What I would like for you to help with is the suggestions for a topic. A topic that you and all others will write about. When I get the suggestions, I probably will choose the one I like from those suggested and announce. Or I grab the best ones and let you vote for the topic you want to write. But all in all there will be a topic chosen. Also, if you have a better name for the Synchroblog, then feel free to suggest one. I just couldn’t think of a creative name!

A few guidelines: They are rather simple, they are what helps run the Synchroblog and making sure that everyone knows what to do.

  • Each month there be a topic and a date for this Synchroblog. The actually days will be announce way in advance. Each blogger will write on the same topic that will be given each month. Supposedly on the same day. (In the past, it was going for an entire week and everyone was given a chance to post on any day of that week). But posting on the same day, should make things work out better and run smoothly. You can be as creative with the topic as you wish. The topic will be given and you just run with it.
  • In each post (and with most things you participate in any other blogging matters), you should mentioned that you are participating and link back. Sometimes it is best because you don’t want to throw something at you readers and they may not know what is going on.
  • This is open for any blogger out there who wants to join! So whether or not you are in college, you are more than welcome to join.
Sometimes we forget to join things and we shouldn’t, but I typically may reminders to those who are participating rather by leaving a comment on their blog, or e-mailing them or finding them so other place. So if you want a reminder, that can be arranged as well. I believe to have have given you all the details you need to know and what you may want to know about the Synchroblog. If there's anything else, just let me know!
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Two Weeks


It’s been two weeks since I last wrote a post. During the two weeks I braced myself for another semester and relaxed as much as possible. Finally it was time to start the new Fall semester. I only been in school for a week now and dealing with books and buying them is getting my my nerves. I have five classes this time around and I like them. I like my classes I have this semester. I have one professor who is laid back and likes to teach and get straight to the point and we’re out the door. Now that’s the way to teach. She knows how we feel as students. Sociology will be quite the class. I’m sure it will be interesting, too.

My Algebra class is a challenge…and the work is done online. That adds more work to complete and submit online  My online class is so far pretty good. I’ve done some reading and had some music playing in the background so I could read about classroom practices and language assessment without falling asleep. I just have to read a bit more and then actually start on the work that is due next weekend. I think it helps to get through the reading when there is music playing in the background. I don’t know what to say about my Brit Lit professor.  And the homework is slowing coming... no complaints yet. I’m also glad that we do not have classes today!! Yes!

Over the last two weeks I have not posted. Not that I did not want to post, I didn’t know what to write about. So much can be written but left in the brainstorming stages. But it happens when there’s nothing really to write about or sometimes go a few days without blogging. Hey it happens. You can’t pretend it doesn’t. Though I have not blogged, I have been in the background of things while I go through the routine of getting back in to school (and located at other places online). I did get a bit lazy to blog, but I didn’t have anything really to post or share. Random side note: The word ‘nonsensical’ is an interesting word. I’m not sure if it is used a lot. All in all it is time to blog again… I surely do not want to go down the path of no return.

It felt like yesterday when the first of August was here. NOW it is September. Gee whiz the days are passing. It’s not too hot, but soon the season will change it and will slowly start to cool down and the leaves changing and all that good stuff. A few days into then new month. And last came and flew by too fast. Unexpectedly. I had a good first weekend of this month, but I’ve been really tired lately. Like I am not getting enough sleep thought I have been up early and go to sleep early. I don’t know. My family call me an old man. I disagree.

How was your weekend? What have you done over the last week?

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