And the Synchroblogging Topic Is…

“If I Had a Super Power”

Yep. That’s the topic. I wonder what I would if I had a superpower. One may not be enough, but it could also be safer than having multiple powers. What would your super power would be if you have one? Would you want to read the minds of others? Would you want drive a car that could fly everywhere to avoid traffic? How about being able to freeze time and rewind it like a video tape… or more like TiVo? If you had a superpower what would it be?

A few notes:

  • September 23 is the day your post should be published! You should ink back to this post and post your link to your post. If not, then I will still find it and compile a list of some sort.
  • You can take the topic and run with it in whatever manner you want. Whether you want to post pictures, do a video, or tell a creative story. The topic + you = one heck of an awesome post.
  • Anyone is able to join the Synchroblogging. It’s all about having fun! Invite others to participate.