Guest Post: Wanted: Girlfriend

It’s been so long that I’ve been single, in its strictest sense, in my life. I could give you a list of why I never had a girlfriend for that long but if I do that I would just give myself an excuse for not having one instead of being on active lookout. Seriously, too, I’m sick of fooling around, flirting with somebody and acting like a boyfriend but in reality I’m just a runner-up, a go-to person when the “cat” is away. It’s an emotional torture for me, though most of these girls do not know how I feel.

Though I’m on a serious hunt for a girlfriend, I think it is not right for anybody to settle for the available of force yourself to like someone. It would be like playing around again, only you have the other party holding on to a make believe commitment. (But at times of desperation, I might believe the concept of learning to love a person with time, and to actually go for the one who is willing.) So it’s just proper to set a qualification, a minimum standard for someone you would go out with (though most of the time, the “love of our life” is the exception to the rule”).

And since I have mention setting up or listing some qualifications for a future partner or just a girlfriend, I might as well list mine here. Okay, it’s such a cliché to include having a great body, perfect vital statistics and such in the list. I mean it’s already given that we would love to hook up with some we can be proud of and would love to spend our intimate moments with an amazing girl, so what’s the use of including those characteristics here. I’m not a very choosy or picky guy. I’m only looking for one great character of a girl- she has to be understanding. How understanding or how long her patience she has to have? Here’s my short list.

  1. First, she has to know that I’m a mama’s boy and my grandma’s favorite. I know sometimes it’s such a turn off but I great girl would understand that. She has to know that when my mom calls me up or my grandma starts to worry of my whereabouts, even if we are in the middle of our date, I have to bill out immediately and go back home the very minute I received the “bat call” or you’ll eat alone and pay our dinner. Okay, not really that quick, maybe after the dinner I would have to go immediately and cancel any further plans for the day/night.
  2. Second, she has to know that every now and then, I go out with my best buddy. Take note, my best buddy isn’t a dog or a guy. She’s Clarysse (Clark, for short) and you read it right- “she”. Well, I won’t really give her any reason to be jealous with Clark. I know where to draw lines and set priorities. Besides, my best friend has a boyfriend and we don’t really like to complicate things further.
  3. Next, she has to realize that I have a very delicate appetite. I only got a handful of vegetables that are edible to me so she has to have that list of mine. Chocolate bars are surprisingly bitter to my taste bud. But I only eat cakes and ice cream with chocolate flavor. That’s how complicated I can be.
  4. And finally, she has to know that I am a child at heart…and will always be. It’s not that I’m immature or that it will take more time for me to grow up. Because to tell you the truth, my being a childish is already a way of life to me, a personality that defines me. She has to live with it. She has to be very caring to me. Her attention must be centered to me as much as possible. I wanted to be spoiled. But I don’t want her to act like my mom or my grandma ‘coz I already got one. She just has to be loving to kids like me.

Now you know how understanding she has to be. You may even conclude that the above are the reasons why I am still single. I won’t argue. But the above are really not that all inclusive. It’s not even a strict rule. Like what I said in the second item, I won’t give my girl any reason to be jealous or be mad. I know how to set priorities and to honor them. And more often than not, the girl we usually end up with are exceptions to the rule. Besides, I’m on a search for a girlfriend, not yet a wife.

By the way, I’m John from the Philippines blogging at Life Inc. In case you’re curious about me or you want to apply, just tell Kelvin. He knows where to find me.


  • well we are in this together john...:P....was refreshing to go through this....loved it ...:)

  • I know what you mean. I'm still single myself. I've never seen the unique things John is looking for in a girlfriend like other guys, I believe and know that we all have our own type of girl that guys. And girls have their type of guy they want. There's someone out there for someone. We all don't want to be alone all our lives.

  • If my date left me mid-date to answer to the call of their mother I'd smack 'em ;)

    Like Kelvin I agree, I think there's a perfect match, if not a few, for each person on this mother Earth.

  • i hope this guest post i wrote will help me find that girl. in case u fit with my preference or u know someone, tell me immediately, ok?

    @kelvin, thanks for posting this one bro. it's a pleasure to guest post here. it took me awhile to write it but i hope it's worthy. 'til next time!

  • Everyone has there own type of guys/girls that they want to be with I definitely think there is someone out there for everyone. The hard part is going through the ups and downs of meeting/dating people in order to find the special one.

  • @johnonline: You are welcome. I'm glad you accepted when I asked you. I'm sure I may ask you at some point again.

    @Miss Tiff, reading this post and the comments remind me of this one song that I can't think of right now. But it has a few of my favorite lines that I tend to think about every day. I can it can be said with evidence in some way that good things come to those who wait.... with patience.

  • Hey Kelvin,

    You are tagged!

    Check out my blog for more details :)

    PS: hope you find the lucky girl soon :)

  • This is interesting. I understand most of them for the most part, but the last line. What is the point of dating around if you're not looking for wife, just a girlfriend? I feel like you're gonna break some girl's heart with that attitude. Why date for the sake of dating? That seems wrong to me.

  • you say you won't give her any reason to be jealous.. but i've been there and seen jealousy.. it can take form no matter WHAT the other person does or doesn't do, unfortunately =/

  • @miss lissy if i'm going to date to find a wife, that would be difficult coz dating alone will not be enough to know a girl. girlfriend first then let's see what will happen next.

    @floreta i know, but if you give someone an assurance, i guess it will work. btw, thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.

  • Was just browsing around and happened to stumble upon this old post haha I love it. I like the duo you two have going on. I'm trying to start a little something on my blog where other people write my Monday posts [check out my last post]. You guys are two of my favorite writers. I guess it's just the way you put things, I don't know... but if you ever want to participate in my Let It Out Mondays just let me know! I'd be honored (:

    Oh yah, and a quote I'd like to contribute [if it's not too late]:
    "What is meant to be will always find a way."
    It's my favorite. If you haven't found that girl already, I hope you do soon! You will eventually, don't worry.