Is It Time For a Change?

When it comes to blogging, new, fresh ideas are flaring everywhere to make this blog better. I'm not truly a big technician or template designer or savvy programmer, but I do the best I can with the knowledge that I do have. Sometimes it is challenging to come up with ideas and something to write about; especially when the mind is drained. This what makes a blogger slack the strength to post something new each day, weekly, or whatever the posting schedule may be. I might as well say that I am talking about myself.  Those who are bloggers that have gone or are going through this ordeal may know what I'm talking about.

The month of May is approaching quickly around the corner.  Time is going by fast. Hopefully we can get some nice, beautiful weather in the city. This weekend it has been slightly cooler than the last few weeks. Therefore, it felt cold outside. I believe the farmers called this effect "Blackberry Winter." I'm not quite sure why they call it this special name, but I think it is to help distinguish the way the weather changes rapidly. We all can feel the difference from a slightly drop in temperatures to a dramatic decrease. In a sense that can be either good or bad.

May is opened for graduations for the class of 2008. I graduated last year from a challenging school of different problems and shortage of teachers and an increase of students. However, I get the reaction of how could I have graduated from that school. Everyone has their own opinions. Let me ask you this: What makes a school good or bad? Does anyone have a say in what exactly defines a school  good or bad? How about the term failing? The school officials probably would not call a school failing, but if they are meeting the standards they will be "below average" or "proficient."

Bloggers often change the way they are  posting on their blogs. They may change their format to increase the readership. They may change their writing style or grab a template for a new look. Blackberry Winter may change the temperature and the way it feels outside. Could the month of May help us get the self driven willingness to start off the month with a fresh start? It may or may not help the farmers in one way or  another, but it could help us realize that the environment is changing each and every day. Graduations are coming up soon. Seniors will be getting a break from school during the summer. In the fall may be get shipped to college and keeping studying for a higher education degree. It also will open up their eyes and create new experiences for them. Schools are doing poorly. Schools are excelling. Schools are corrupted. Education is the future of everything.

As a new month approaches go out and try something new. Do something difference. We all have these fixed schedules where we do the same routine over and over each day. A friend once told me that she does not use a schedule, but rather she just gets up and go. She tells her children to put their shoes on and let's go do this or we are going to to XYZ. Since there is a change in the season, let's make a change in ourselves personal and environmental.  Could you be dared to go beyond the fixed schedule or step outside the box to be in a different situation?  Will you be able to deal with change? Is change good or bad in your viewpoint?

I will probably guess or make a quick assumption that you may think I'm rambling on from one thing to the next. That may be the case, but sometimes we have to just throw different  ideas and concepts up in the air to make a point or purpose. With this said, I think we all should take the next month to go about a change. Do something you normal would not do on a daily basis. Try eating something new. Try taking action into building up your community. If you think you alone can't do anything, brainstorm with your neighbors and go for a "call for action."  This is a moment in time where you can be a better you. This is a moment in time where you can help better your family, friends, or anyone else you come contact with; furthermore, they will see something new. Something different.


  • if your statement of "education is the future of everything" is implying only school/apprenticeships/etc then it is most certainly wrong. there's far more to be learned from life itself.

    anyways I feel the future of everything is dictated by the past of everything... if that makes sense?

  • You do make sense there. The past is does repeat itself in terms of current events. Within your life you have education. Every day you may learned something very smaller that you may never knew until you have learned whatever it is you have learned.

    In terms of life, if you put together life and education together that will equal something new maybe something different.
    Although you think that statement is wrong, you should think that the education from school is good enough, but whenever you learn something that is education yourself. From learning on how to use a machine to learning how the history of basketball.

  • Change is good. Take your underwear for example... Ok sorry I couldn't resist.You did set me up though.I'm looking forward to the change in my circumstances. As I'm sure you've seen on my blog it has been an intersting year for me.

    I'm looking forward to moving in a positive different direction.

    b.You feel the "future of everything is dictated by the past of everything" Can I change that a little bit to say "That unless we change what we did in the past, we are doomed to repeat it." That is, if we didn't like what we did in the past of course. I'm justa saying!

  • Mark, that is good that you are gearing towards a fresh slate of life.

    The past is the past. Though it is behind us we can reflect back on it and see what the human errors called mistakes. I blieve that if something in the past has went not so good for everyone, we should take a step back and see what we can do to make that situation better if or whenever we are aproached from that perspective. You know what I mean?

    Change can be good whereas others do like the change because of the the cause and effect idea.

  • Life = education.
    Education = life.

    I had a former student visit my office today and in our conversation he said, "when will I ever have to do research like this again in my life?" I of course answered him by explaining that he "will" use all the basic skills he learned in college...math, reading, writing and yes how to conduct research. He looked at me like I was kidding, but then I explained that it was the failure to do research and analyze that has so many people in our country today losing their homes, cars, businesses and so much more. Failure to educate ourselves "ALWAYS" as we travel through life creates chaos in our lives. Ignorance makes us powerless, victims of abuse and manipulation. I know this, for my ignorance in the past has proved it so.

    Your post reflects your thoughts as you ponder and question. Your writing is refreshing and something I would label as commendable and brave.

    I enjoy your blog very much.

  • First let me say I love the title of your blog, because life equals a collection of moments in time. As for learning--people who remain a student of life continue to grow and experience new things. In my 20's I experienced having children and being a wife (still a wife and an ongoing learning experience almost 40 years later), in my 30's I learned sign language and worked with hearing impaired, in my 40's I not only learned to read music, play piano and sax but also taught piano for 7 years. And in my 50's are started to take writing seriously. Now at 57 my third book is due out this summer.

    These of course are just highlights, but they reflect moments in time.

    Donna Sundlbad

  • Thank you everyone for sharing your comments. I really enjoy reading them and find that my writing is helpful and that you guys are finding something meaningful out of my writing.

    It is very good to get feedback as I continue to write in this blog and make it better for myself as others. Be sure to not miss any posts or updates by subscribing.

    I don't think there is not right or wrong answers when it comes to changing the way we do things or anything about our lives. However, we can make choices that will change our life experiences.

  • Nice post..there is always something new to learn, something new to try. We must always strive to want to learn else would we grow. I learn something every single it big or small, about myself, others, or the outside world! I find great joy in doing so. Congrats on making it thru your first year of college! Take a breather and reevaluate!

  • I think we're doomed to repeat it with slight changes over and over, cos only a small number of people learn from the past... unless it's something absolutely huge like world war II.

    I hate how they called it world war II, all I ever think of is some blockbuster sequel.