Our Perspective

Yesterday I went and got a tooth pulled. Once I got my tooth pulled it was not that bad of a process. The feeling of having food and unable to eat it for a few days is killing me. I am not having fun eating soup. I wished I didn't have to miss Wendy's class this morning. A break from Intro to Theater is nice since I have been in that class every single day. Also, I will get a break from writing notes for a change. One day I will be able to attend the 1020 Project Speaker Series!

This week is a short for me as far as going to my classes. Monday I wrote on the subject of thinking and creativity based on a quote from Ray Bradbury. I do not recall reading anything about neither the author nor his books. Therefore I could not relate his writings in what I had written. Tuesday I wrote about the debate in class and Floyd Skloot. In the end, everyone has a different aspect of the debate and probably how it relates to them in one way or another. The debate got everyone thinking and I assume there was a lesson to be learned from the debate. Floyd Skloot talked about his writings, his relationship with his daughter, and the audience asked questions or listened as he talked.

Last week, I wrote about spring break from the point of an magazine article. Learning a new word and defining it from articles from a magazine is interesting and very useful. Meeting with your accountability groups and peer editing is important to writers whether they like it or find it not useful and unrelated to them. However, for me I really enjoyed meeting with my group and discussing our papers.

In my own view, I believe there is a connection between everything that we have completed over the last two weeks in English. Not that my focus is just on this class in particular whereas classes are important enough to muster up something to write about, I tend to think what I write is meaningful and something to share with everyone else.

With everything said, our thinking and perspective of the acting locally can help not only ourselves, but the world. This reminds me of people telling the youth to go out and vote because it counts. The connection between everything is that out thinking, expressing ourselves, and acting counts and matters. Most people do not think that, but they should step outside the box and dare themselves to dream and think.

I did not post yesterday and I'm posting today so I will no get behind on blogging because that can happen. Trust me, it can. Now that winter is over and spring is here, I think it will be a refresher for everyone to go out and just enjoy the warm weather. Spring time makes everyone happier in my eyes. Flowers will start to grow. The trees around the University will begin to grow leaves. When you take a walk around campus, it will be a brighter day. You will start to notice that activities outside will be happening here and there; people will be enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Though I have jumped from one idea to the next in two paragraphs, however, there is a connection. There is meaning. When we understand ourselves and other people, we may contradict each other. When we understand an author's way of writing, there is meaning.

Reading and writing something "pointless" to some people while to others it helps to speed up time. What I am trying to say is that between reading, writing, and thinking, we can gain something from doing those three actions. Reading, writing, and thinking will cause us to change something we would not normally do in our lives. We can gain a better understanding that will make us sprout like flowers and bloom like a tree. We will appear to be different and glow like the sun. Though you may not understand clearly what I'm writing, but you will accept it in your own way.


  • That sucks about having to get your tooth pulled today - that kind of thing is never fun! Several years ago I had to have reconstructive surgery on my mouth and I could only eat soup and smoothies for a month, so I know how ya feel.

    I really like what you say about how important reading, writing, and thinking are. Reading has always been such an important thing for me, writing to me is a way of exploration, and thinking critically about and really reflecting on those things enhances the whole experience and we can gain from it. Oh, and you should definitely read some Bradbury. He’s amazing.

  • Am I reading from a philosopher's journal? That last bit had me imagining the likes of Socrates and Aristotle. Don't read Bradbury, you'll be like my brother! He's obsessed. Read Michael Crichton.

  • YA! More comments! Keep them rolling people.

    Sarah, I'm glad you liked how I spotlighted the importance of reading, writing, and thinking. We use those skills all the time. We may not use them effectively, but they are used.

    You may be reading a philosopher's journal, but hey, it is a blog! I'll take that as another compliment, Yasir. I'm glad the part that had you imagining.

  • Hah, don't listen to Yasir - read some Bradbury. I think that the world would be a better place if more people were obsessed with his books (any books, really, but especially his).

  • I used to read for leisure time in the past and now that has slacked. Now I'm trying to find that nudge to read more books on my own. I still have not finished "The Prince and the Pauper" from last summer LOL. I'll look into Bradbury and his books.
    "Fahrenheit 451" is about the only book I've heard about. Book club anyone?