Go With the Flow

I do not know to write in my blog today. I guess it is one of those days where I lost my muse to write. The weather has been beautiful and it is much warmer this week than it was last week. Spring is around the corner and then comes summer. I guess I am just ready for school to be out. The semester is moving along steadily, but not fast enough. I made my five, well a bit over five comments for this week. Originally, I doing a comment a day; however, I usually do more than the required five. I guess in another month I should be getting the Harper's magazine and the Atlantic Monthly. The two publications should be interesting to read each month.

I enjoyed meeting with my group today. It was very helpful to have others read the second part of the paper. Something I still think that needs a bit of an edit is part one, but I may leave that alone since it is pretty much an introduction. It is a small chance for me to ask for someone to read over my paper. I want to say that I do not want just anyone editing my papers. They have to know what they are doing and surely they do not have to be an English major as Yasir pointed out in his blog post and at the group meeting. On this note, I will end my post for today here. Until next time...