Questions. Comments. Responses.

It is a brand new week. The last full week of March and then one month of school left!!! I am so ready to get out of school. April will be here soon. Let the finals begin. I got spoiled from being at home last week. It was a drag going to class this morning. The work in English is insane, but I'm really enjoying the class. Deadline after deadline. I'm not quite sure if this blog is boring or it is unique. It could be a blog that you read each day along with other sites. I guess what I write and my way of thinking keeps you coming.

I'm recovering from getting my tooth pulled. I still have to continue eating on my right side until my gums heal so no food will get down in the hole where my former tooth was. My wisdom tooth was impacting into the one that was pulled.

This past Friday I checked my blog see that a person by the name of Russ left comments on two posts. "Are you freakin' high, bro?" is what I read on Friday's post comment. I started laughing. I wonder what made him ask me that. I'm looking to see this person continues to read my blog and leave comments. I think it is amusing. It does not bother me. He can comment all he wants. That came out of nowhere. I hope Russ keeps reading my blog and leaving comments. I was not high when I wrote last Friday's post. I can't imagine myself being in that state of nature. I did not know what to say. I was like "wow." I think that was the highlight of the day.

Then, later I read he decided to be a critic and talk about my grammar about what I wrote on the debate. It really did not bother me since I already knew that I make mistakes here and there and forget to proofread. However, I was speechless and did not really know how to respond to his comment. Keep them coming, buddy!

Yasir, you want tips on how to make money. A million dollars to be exact is more than enough money for me. There could be plenty of ways to earn that amount of money for college. You have your basic way of saving up money and doing scholarship search. Try starting your own business. That would be very helpful. Skills and abilities and a good price will help you earn money. I'm pretty good with computers and with a moderate usage of it. I basically help my family out who are beginners at computers. I should start charging every time someone wants me to help them. Making good grades and applying for scholarships as said earlier can help. However, they are other ways of making money. You just have to go out start an adventure. Hope that helps, if not you we can always talk about this.

Hopefully I will enjoy this week and end March with a bang. April 23 will be here before we know it. I'm so energetic right now for some reason. Hope you continue reading my blog.


  • Hey thanks for the tips. I know, starting your own business is about the only way, because the profits go directly to your pocket...I like the idea of charging people for services, but I still don't know. Anyway, let's hope with both hit a million or so some day huh?

  • I would like to go walking for a day and then stumble upon a bag of money and keep walking to cound it at home. I can also try my luck at the show Deal or No Deal. I think I should start using my computer skills and ablitiles as well as learning advancing myself with them.