It's the Weekend!

Today is the big game for the Memphis Tigers. I wished the best for them. Last Sunday they won the game and I hope they win the game tonight. This morning I heard the bell go off at 8:00 playing the Memphis Fight song. Why is there a train near the campus? All I could hear during the debates this morning was the train; well actually two came through here. This happened in my morning class while students were talking. My government teacher told us that there will be no class on Monday. I'm so glad since I work hard getting up and getting to class on time.

I do have a quiz for that class soon and a debate I will have to present to the class. To prepare myself for the quiz, I will have to read two lecture slides and two long chapters from the book. I will do my best to make a better grade on this quiz. This includes going with my gut in choosing the right answer.

In another thirty minutes or so is the last interview for the River City Writers Series. It is also my last required event. I'm so happy to have them all done. With three writers it will be interesting to consume everything they will say. I'll jot notes and everything they will say that is an attention grabber.

In other news, we have Student Government Association elections next week. I do not really know who to vote for since I really don't know anyone on the ballot or where they stand in helping the advancement of the University. The building of the new University Center is coming along fine. It should be completed by Fall 2009.

Enjoy your day!


  • I know I have finished all of my outside events finally! At the beginning of the semester, I was like how in the world am I going to fit in four outside events, but I did it. I really hope we win in Houston. I really hope we win the whole thing, but I'll start slow. Good luck with your debate and quiz. I'm sure you'll do fine because you seem really smart.

  • Thanks April. I'm sure I will press myself to a better expection on the quiz. I'll probably be at the end of my seat hopeing the will win. Last Sunday was a very close game.