Life Is a Highway - Rascal Flatts

I just realized that over the last week or so my posts have been a bit long. Is that good or bad? Since it is my grade, I might as well put some effort into the blog. Time is flying; it waits for no one. The next few weeks will go by at a steady pace and then it will be finals. I think it will be time for me to do some hardcore studying and looking over notes from classes. Progress on my paper is on a hold since I've not worked on it over the last few days. I have do some research and go back to add in sources to support my statements. The Part 4 is due soon, so everyone is probably going to be glad to finally state their opinions. After that we will have to put all everything together in one big paper and I assume present it to the class.

This year felt like driving on a highway. We start off on a path of nowhere and most of us end at the destination of making it through our first year of college. Let's make the best out of our lives and just have fun. Put a smile on your face. It will make things a lot better. The more you smile, the more you will find yourself making someone's day a little easier.


  • oh yes have fun!

  • Ha! I have taken that perspective..put a smile on your face..How many times do you pass someone with a scowl on theirs?..and who wants to see you with one as a greeting to them? You also just feel happier if you can pass someone and smile.

  • Around campus, I pass by a ton of people who don't smile, but I smile at them when we make eye contact.

  • It's funny. I sometimes walk around with a scowl on my face, and don't know it's happening. I might just be thinking intently about something and gravity pulls my face southward. Truth be known, Kelvin, I do exactly the same thing you do. I smile when making eye contact with people. But there are some people I just want to run up to and give em a big hug to try to lighten their mood. And if I wasn't concerned that they would take it the wrong way, I would.

  • I wonder if you can think without making some kind of face gesture (such as the southward scrowl you stated, Michael). A hug and just a couple of kind words will do make someone's day brighter. I know what you mean, Michael. Everyone isn't that very acceptable.

  • I so agree. I try to be as happy and have as much fun as possible. I mean can you believe it? Our first year is almost over. I am still in shock. I'm really shocked I did it. This has been one tough year, but I really am proud of everything I've accomplished in this last year. I wish everyone would smile and be happy. If you think about it, there is always someone who has it worse than you.