The Debate

Today in class we had a debate. It was in my area of expertise if I may say that. However, I did not say anything since my tooth was hurting. I enjoyed the debate that we had in class because it was something different. In general, I'm not a big fan of debating in the sense of not knowing much of a given subject.

I don't remember everything, but there is a limit on the amount of students that can be in one class. Being able to teach a class of 25 students in elementary and 35 in high school is a difference. They are on a different age level. One must have patience to teach a group of students. Every student has the chance of learning. Therefore they should want to go outside the class and learn on their own. Parents can make their children go to school, punish them in some way, beating them upside the head, or whatever will make or help them to want to learn.

Let's not get the personal issues get in the way of the situation. If I have a personal issue, the best thing I can do is to help myself get over that issue. A student should seek help if they are having an academic problem. Not sure if they would be a personal problem. I can't just say I have an issue with math if I am having trouble with it in class. I'm not sure what exactly what is a personal issue when it comes down to learning in the classroom.

I think the debate is helpful in allowing us to talk about a topic in an orderly way without acting like we have no sense at all. Again, this was very off guard and different from what we normally would do in class. Debating is something I would like to do again another time in the class. From this, we all can be able to see and understand others and their way of thinking. It is a learning process in one way or another.