Big Paper: Part 3

Over the last few days I've been very much off topic of school assessment. It is not that I had nothing to write about, but had nothing far as schools and my paper to write a post about. I've noticed it has been awhile since I posted something about schools.

Part 3 of THE BIG PAPER!!! This part of the paper will need plenty of worked to be done. I feel this is not as bad as the first part. This is where our opinion comes into the picture. I need to better on this part. I really just scraped something together. It is not a full three to four page. It is a naked paper with no citation. Just statements with nothing to support what I'm saying. Right now everything is on a tight schedule. It is not that I can do better, but I will do better. I'm facing the fact that this is just a sketch to sort out the direction I'm focusing on right now during this paper.

I read the given questions to be put in thought. I kind of answered those questions without exactly putting what is not needed. I'm hoping this will be good as the second part I just turned in last week. I'm thinking that my first part needs to be be rewritten; however, I like the way it is right now. At the time being I'm going in different directions. As I usually say often, this is not hard, but only a challenge.

The only thing I'm worried about is finding something new to say. Being redundant in this paper is the last thing I want to happen. That is worse case scenario for me. I sent off my paper to my group and it was imperative that I emailed it to them. I'm just waiting to get their papers in my inbox. Hearing what they have to say will help me out in a greater advantage rather than me just being completely lost and isolated on an island. I am aiming to squeeze every effort through this last month school and study hard for finals.


  • Hey Kelvin,
    Thanks for the great comments you left on my blog. I'm enjoying yours, too.

    It is so worthwhile to be able to look back and see with great detail what your life is like now. In many ways, it is better than a photograph because it depicts your feelings in addition to the events in life.

    Good luck and keep blogging!

    -Elizabeth Obsesses...

  • Hi Elizabth,
    You're welcome for the comments. It is always a pleasure to find out that my blog is not "useless" in a way. I know what you mean when you look back and seeing how much better life is at this moment. Photographs are memories and when you add words to them they tell a story.

    Thanks for reading my blog and hope you continue to as well.