Journal 7

This is a journal that I wrote when I was in English 1010 last semester. We had to write about a reading selection that we would recommend to someone to read.

I would recommend the selection "On Being 17, Bright, and Unable to Read" by David Raymond to students in school who maybe having trouble reading or meeting the standards of the "regular" students. In a way, this should be an inspirational story because I know there are some students (in elementary and high school students) that have trouble reading at an expected level. Although Raymond had dyslexic, he still manage to do his work. Students should learn to help one another out if they are being challenege in some way or another. I picked this essay because Raymond shares with his readers how he made it through school and life with this problem.

If there is a child that has problems reading, I believe it is up to him or her to tell the teacher so that he or she can help the student. No child should not be left behind for no reason at all. This essay can be read by anyone of age, not just students who are in school. This short essay allowed me to think about myself as an English teacher that could have a few students with dyslexic or just having problems reading and writing. There can be a lesson learned from anyone who reads this essay.