Outside Event 2: Floyd Skloot

I had the chance to go to a last minute speaker interview. Though I did get to attend the entire interivew, I still was able to hear some good information and a bit about one of his book. The one thing that caught my attention is the Mr. Skloot wrote his poetry. His poetry tells a story. To select a few poems would take the element or purpose of the book. This book I do not recall, but the important thing is the concept. I never took the time out to understand and study a published author's writing. Reading for meaning is something Wendy is teaching us.

It has been a while since I sat down and read a book for leisure time or just to read it for a purpose that can be useful. Sometimes I don't understand the purpose of poetry, except for the basic concepts of just writing it for fun or just expression of a person, but writing poetry to tell a story is totally amazing!

I don't know much about the relationship between Rebecca and her father, but I must assume that there is a strong connection between the two. When she told the audience that she read the stories about herself in high school, it was something fun and amusing to share with her friends. It would be very interesting for a friend to write about my life or how knowing me for during college years made an impact in some way or another in his or her life. Now that is something to ponder about.

The author mentioned something about writing about the old Jewish people and they complained about the food and everything, but it was in a funny way. The moment about the old guy and the soup was funny. Overall, from sitting in during the interview, I could tell that he has written wonderful books that are worth sharing to family and friends.

This is my second event of the semester and I have two more events to attend. I do plan on trying to attend one of the speakers from the 1020 Project Series. I think everyone should attend any event where people are speaking because you are not aware of what could affect you and if someone that person may have said will be useful in the future.