I wrote my propaganda paper and was hoping it was an aspect, or context, along the lines Wendy expecting from me. I decided to write this paper based on the School Improvement in Maryland website. The entire website is centered around school improvement.

Different techniques can help change or influence an individual’s belief or choice or what will work best for them. Not only can one person be influences, but it can also do greater cause when manipulate a group of people. This persuasive technique is called propaganda. The media is always showing propaganda whether it is to help a business or corrupt the reputation of another person. The scope of school assessment and using ads, media, or any type of art can impress educators, especially the parents, that they can use all classifications of test, regulations, and data to help strengthen schools to give students a better education. Along the lines of using a variety of resources to measure one’s abilities and knowledge will be released for school system to improve public education on the local level.

The State Board of Education in Maryland has improved the school system’s district website to better help school board members, students, teachers, and parents so they can improve public schools. The images on the website are pictures of people that could be any one from the state of Maryland with smiley faces and probably having positive outcomes in their schools. The imagines of the group of people can persuade the viewer that the assessment and resources are working. Maybe the people in the picture put on a big smile to show that they are satisfied with everything the State Board is going for them.

Though there may be some glitches in the school system, they are convincing people that the assessments will work, the limitless powers will work. The photo is arranged where each group of people are working together as a team which is a good concept that they may claim to give off to the public. This technique is use to cover up any problems the schools, but to proposed to the public that everything is being handled in an orderly, fashioned manner. Not only to the school officials use the photo, but the entire site or what it is expressed is made to grab the attention of parents and school officials.

The photo on the main page of the website and the website itself is an artifact in the matter that education in our culture needs to be improved. The information given (data) from the test shows that everyone should play a part in the education system. Compare Maryland verses another state; the data may say that education is not taken into much value as another aspect in life. This artifact, or websites, tells that the education in this country is good and students are getting the best education given.