A Casual Wednesday

Ah! Wednesday, the middle day of the week. This week is going by quickly. I think the next two days will be a breeze. This semester I can say that I have so much time during the week and less than that on the weekend. They should extend the weekend an extra day and have school four days a week. I wonder what that will be like. I can only imagine. It is hard enough waking up for 8AM classes for an entire week. Getting up around six in the morning feels totally different than waking up for high school.

At the strike of noon, during my algebra class I guess the clock tower went off. The bells were playing the University's fight song. It was my first time hearing it. The teacher was confused when it went off because she never heard it before. Must be something new they decided to do this week. I'm not sure why they played it today, but it shouldn't be a problem to hear it again.

Yesterday in my Memphis Lead Team meeting one of the members have night classes. I think I would want to do any classes during the night. An evening class sounds a bit better. Maybe a class that is in a bit into the evening, but not at night. The student that got kidnapped last week tells me that I should be aware of what is going on around campus. I do not want to myself at risk in that type of situation. Who would want to kidnap a student and drive off with them and drop them off at a random site? The outcome of the student being unharmed is good. They had an article all about the two guys that did the crime. I forgot what the student was going outside during the middle of the night. I don't know what he was going, but I was asleep.

I'm tired of hearing the news about Mayor Herenton and how he wants to take over Memphis City Schools. At first he wants to resign, but only if he is able to take over the schools. If that will not happen, he will continue to be Mayor of Memphis. With this being said, I have not read in depth the situation and all the pros and cons, and everything else in between. I usually hear what is happening on TV or visit the local news websites. During the week, I read the blogs that are written by citizens of Memphis. Not all of them are about the bad things, but what is going on in the city. For example, I may read about the Lester Street tragedy, good places to eat around the city, and local art galleries. There is always something interesting to read on the internet; especially blogs. Often I read about politics and American Idol.

In no particular order, here is a list of Memphis blogs I read through the week:

Not only do I read those, I usually go search on the net for other websites and blogs to read when there is nothing else to do. I'm thinking about making a list of websites and blogs that are my favorites or a daily dose of reading. You may notice two buttons on the side of the page. They are the status button for AIM and Yahoo messengers. They let you know when I'm online. If you have those messengers programs then feel free to hit me up by clicking one of the buttons.


  • Does he want to corrupt the City schools too?

  • Good question, Yasir. At this time, I can't say that he wants to corrupt the school system. I do not really know in depth his skills and abilities. However, everything he has done for this city that is good shows that he is a person with a mission. How could he corrupt the schools when they are already doing poor?

    I was not around when he was over the schools in the past, but people have said that he did a good job running the schools. That is a good question though and there is not enough to fully go into details. Plus I have little knowledge of his past history.