Writing Excerise: Spring Break

During Spring Break, I decided to put all my college assignments on the back burner. Instead, everything did not get completed. When Friday came, I ventured home and felt relieved that a week of burden would be off my shoulders. Although it may sound that I will have a vacation it another overrated, big city, however, I stayed home and relaxed. As the days went by, I thought about doing my work, but again I did not feel like completing them though I knew they were going to be due soon.

One exciting moment did happen. This moment was to do my interview assignment. I was nervous and ready to get the interview over with although I was anxious to meet Dr. Lord. We were to discuss school issues within the city of Memphis. It would have been better if I brought a tape recorder with me instead of limiting myself to my hands and ears. The interview ended successfully.

As the weekend came, school would start once again with no more days out. I embraced every moment of being lazy. This spring break was much needed for me.


  • I know what u mean about being lazy. I did the same thing and I loved every minute. I had a few moments of being bored, but I didn’t mind at all. I managed to finish my economic paper on Friday, so that was a relief to not worry about it when it was due on Tuesday.