The Interview

Over the last few days, I have been interacting with the blogger of Commontaries on the post that the blogger wrote about Kirk Whalum, Jr and his remarks about the school system. There have been comments between myself and the blogger. It is nice to see comments written among each other and someone reading what I have to say and just interaction. Whalum's idea of shutting down the school system until they can do something about the violence is not a good idea.

It is Monday again and back in school until April 23 (last day of class). I enjoyed the break though I did not get anything done. However, I did get my interview completed with Dr. George Lord, Director of Research at Partners in Public Education. I had the interview last Thursday afternoon around 2:00. I enjoyed the insightful information and his point-of-view about the issues that are affecting the schools in Memphis. He really gave me some really good information and the school the Community Report Card to Parents. It has some really good information on the status of school as of 2007 such as how many teachers are highly qualified, the annual yearly progress of schools and, if schools are in critical need of help. If you have any family members in Memphis City Schools, the parents should have the publication in the mail as of last week. It is available online, too.

At first, I was not sure who to interview until I took the chance of contacting Dr. Lord. Now the only thing I am dreading is typing it up and trying to piece everything into text form. I have a bit more time to do that and make it look nice. I'm progressing and I have that done. Now I just have to finish part two of my paper on the history of school assessment. I searched and searched so I hope I have information to get the paper done. This semester is almost done. I have one more midterm to do and I will be glad when that is done. Until next time...