Spring Break, Finally

It is finally time for a break. The week everyone has been waiting for to come. I'm glad to have a week off. I am going to enjoy every single day. This semester so far has been pretty good and it is going by at a moderate speed. Once school starts back after the break, hopefully the semester will pick up and before we all know it, the summer will be here and school will be out for the year. Not only will school be out, in this case, but I would have made it through by FIRST year of college at the University of Memphis. This would be a very happy time to celebrate.

My last two posts were not about the semester's topic, but I wanted to share a favorite song I hear listen to throughout the week and then there are two letters I found good and that happens in someone's life one way or another. The word we had to post about this week, I did my best to write about it before reading the article; however, I could not find the word in the article. That could have helped me out a lot in helping me with writing about the word and how it relates to the article. As I finish my reflection for this week, I hope everyone enjoyed blogging, had a good day and did well on any exams they had to take before the break and if not you do well on it after the break.

Enjoy your break everyone!