Memphis Blogs Reflection

After reading the blogs about Memphis, most tend to be interesting whereas only a few do not appeal to my taste. There are some articles or topics that will get my full effort of being a writer while others I do not seem to turn out as I planned. Although I want to be a teacher, I believe this blog will help me become a better writer and appreciate what life offers. It is a new month - February! I have a birthday in one week - yay me!

I have decided to write a reflection of what I have read this week about Shelby County. No, I'm not talking about Memphis as one part and then the county as a separate area, but Shelby County, Tennessee. This week I read several, or skimmed mostly, different blogs about Memphis. Some of them were personal others were about the city. While I glance back at the blogs and the comments I left, the writers of the blogs are apart of this city. They are stating the facts and their beliefs about this city whether its about pictures that reveals the beauty of the city, whether they are flaming the government, or just writing to release angry on paper. I did enjoy reading a few posts this week. Some of them were interesting while others were about politics. I can't wait till they elect a new president so they can get this crap over. I don't mean this in a bad way, but there is negative in the election. I would think that we are trying to see who will do their job best and who is a good leader. No, that is not the case at this moment. Some of the posts I read helped me with research on my topic, which I feel that something is missing or going in the wrong direction.

I'm glad that I have read blogs about this city because opportunity to hear what Memphians really think about their community and the local and national government. Reading something about the major issues from a different view is very interesting. I find it interesting because I do not know what everyone is thinking about. Sometimes I wonder what people think about the issues that we have going on in Memphis, besides the newsreporter doing their job. Let's see the real side of things, a different viewpoint of what is happening. What do our students around the community think about the issues?

As I conclude my reflection, this is a moment in time that not stays the same forever. There are people that may be deciding what changes to make with the Pyramid, how to react to poverty within Memphis, or someone may plan to stakeout to do another robbery. This is the time for us to take action for our future and the future of Memphis.

Dare to Dream. Think. Do.