I have not read the article "First, Kill the School Boards." However, I read half of two articles from the Atlantic Magazine. I know I done a better job reading them, but I did enough to get Wendy's initials. Today we did a roundtable of all our topics and shared with the class where we are at with these papers. It was enjoyable to finally seer her baby. It was cool and helped the class period progress. There is this word we are to know the meaning of it and then discuss a bit about it on the blogs. This is my response to what Wendy wanted us to post on our blog about a certain word. I hope this is something she is looking for or meant to go in this direction.

The word is paradigm means to use an object or concept as a model or some sort of pattern. It is a unique style. This word has several different meanings, but this is the one meaning that we are dealing with in these articles. I have not completely read all of the articles, so I can really narrow what I would like to say down one aspect or perspective. So for now, the word is being used in context as a generalization. To use this concept in our papers is to say that I should use a patter or standard style of writing my paper this semester and in future papers. I like this word and how it rolls off the tongue. To use a model or set pattern is having a sense of style and purpose in writing. This allows people to think beyond just reading it for entertainment, but to gain something useful. I can always write using a model or something of the like in order for me to present everything together and increase awareness locally.