The Foundation

Here is what I have so far for my paper. This is a rough draft of part one of the paper which I am in the process of editing. This is the foundation of my paper and introducing the audience the point that I'm making, or rather, the message I'm trying to send out. Thus said, I would like to share with you the progress of my paper. Though this is a rough draft, I do expect everything to change and get cut out or something added. I would have to say this is a guide to help me find out what exactly I want to end up having as an introduction.

Schools are places for learning. At times we come to problems that will catch our attention. There will be certain situations that will get more attention than others. These problems or situations can involve students, parents, school administrators, or anyone within the education department. Going to school from elementary to graduating high school and going off to college is a standard path in life. Most people are playing a big part of our education while others really do not care. The future of education will be in the hands of future leaders. Education is like a button on a coat. It is something everyone needs to make it through today’s world.

The curriculum deals with state and district standards and learning outcomes. Teachers develop lesson plans from the curriculum. At times a teacher may not like what they are required to teach depending on where on the local Board of Education. Knowing what students are learning is something that concerns the parents through the progress of report cards and other means of communication. At times schools may find the need to focus on certain subjects that may meet a passing grade. For example, only focusing on reading skills and mathematics in classrooms occurs throughout many states. School officials find that these two subjects are more important than other subjects or they think that these areas of learning will make a successful citizen that will make it in today’s society. This is an issue that is important because everyone is concerned what students are learning as they progress through the stages of elementary, middle, and high school. Everything that happens at a student’s school is affecting him or her one way or another whether it is mentioned to them directly or it is something that is going on during meetings.

The principle of education can be stated in different ways because everyone has their own goal of succeeding students to learning using different methods and standards. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was signed in 2002 by President Bush to allow the schools to be able to provide the uttermost resources to every student at the local schools. These laws or document allow teachers and principles to be accountable for their students. It also acts as a support for parents. NCLB gives options for parents to help their children to get the best education that is available to them. There are different services that are offered for students. No Child Left Behind is used for scientific research and methods to improve education and find ways that will work in schools. This can make a difference in ways students are being educated and how they can be given resources to expand their educational experiences.

Finding out what needs to change and sometimes that needs to improve in schools, what students are learning, and how to get parents involved is really something that can possibly happen with the support of good leaders. Good leaders and skills of leadership goes on the same train as if a parent would choose what a child should do with his or her life. The little important situations that appears or long term situations is important to school assessment besides testing students and seeing if they are able to graduate with certain tests. All of us can play a part in better education and making successful citizens not only for our own selves, but also for others. Leaders are to set examples so we call be become decent people and go through the process of changing lives, or if not changing lives, influence of changing something from a bad habit to a good one

The mission statements of an individual school will be the key principles of gearing towards a better education for the generations to come. It is important to make sure that we are getting the best education we can get. Dropouts are mostly happening around the country. This usually happens around high school or even in middle school. Students feel that they have no life. Parents are not helping students that or family issues may overwhelm students versa them learning. Both of these situations affects the school in one way another. They could be taken as something that is bad within the schools because something is not going right. There could be other factors of school dropouts. One factor may include violence and the safety of students at school. Gang related activities and fights between one another is a concern to parents because these things could have been prevent. Everything must start from the home of the children. This is something that is very important.

Improving education and making sure that we are providing future citizens of today’s society the best education we can give them is something we all you consider doing. It is important for administrators to see beyond the situations and find solutions to what is going on at their schools. Parents should be more involved with their students as they are in school rather than being an unconcerned parent. Be apart of the solution and not apart of the trouble that is the surrounding area of schools near and far.