The Pyramind.... and Pro Bass

We all have heard about the situation with the Pyramid and what they should do with it and what they should not do with it. I read this post on at home she feels like a tourist. The lady has made an entry on her thoughts about having a Pro Bass in this arena. She does not seem too excited about the signing of the contract of having this business in the Pyramid. I think that should they find another good use for this building. They can always build Pro Bass in a different area. I believe they are in it just for the money or the building is a good place for Memphis to have this store downtown. I know what she means when states that people are saying negative things about our city.

There was another contract with the city to have a shopping area, hotels, an indoor amusement in the Pyramid, and to just upgrade Mud Island. That idea does not sound so bad. Libertyland, one of our landmarks, is not here anymore. Where is the fun at in Memphis? Where do we offer for fun for everyone? I'm not talking about clubs, and adult rated activities, and bars, etc., but we need a better view of Memphis. Let's try to bring more culture and a little bit of this and that to Memphis. I show no interest in fishing, so that makes me not really interested in a Pro Bass shop. I can only imagine that people who fish will go to Pro Bass to get their fishing gear, but that is about it. No one else will benefit from the business. I'm not for Pro Bass in the Pyramid; they should build it in one of these giant, emptied buildings that we have here that is just going to waste.