English 1020

This morning, I dreaded to get up and start my day. Today in English, Wendy had the class to do a bit of thinking and writing. The first thing we had to write about was to evaluate our accountability groups and what think of being in groups. I wrote my paragraph, but I forgot what I had on paper word for word. Basically, I started my reaction once she told us we were going to be in groups and then I wrote something about once we got into our groups and exchange contact information. I ended off with what I thought about the meeting we had yesterday. I thought it went smooth with us meeting in the library and discussing our papers, what we found, and asking each other questions. Before our meeting ended, Yasir asked me a question about the Northern schools having better education than the South or something like that. I forgot exactly what he asked. That led me to ponder a bit more. I think once I get done researching and writing this paper, I probably would have the answer to his question.

Later in class we talked about the commercials during the Super Bowl. However, I did not watch the game. Afterwards, she mentioned how everyone is doing their blogging at the last minute during last curial hours that they are due. She told us that she thought about cutting the blog post number down to three, but having a higher word count. I don't think that would be a good idea. I kind of like doing the five post a day with a two hundred word count. So far I have written over two hundred words. I make sure that I do not get behind blogging because it is apart of my grade and I want my blogging grade to be a nice passing numerical and alphabet letter grade.

This week for (according to Wendy) I have a bit more researching to do in order for me to find and analyze propaganda, find a book to write a review (or two movie reviews), find someone to interview, and start working on parts of the BIG paper. I'm doing my best that I will not get behind on any work, tests, quizzes, papers for any class that I have this semester.