Writer's Block

To read my blog is to know me. To know me is to read my blog. I am lacking the motive to get creative and write. I have completely my paper for Theater and now I have left is writing for English. I have writer's block right now. I want to take a break for a day from writing, but I do not think I have the ability since I would be wasting time. With all effort to getting my big paper done, which I am so behind on doing that, I will be pulling late hours. In other words, it is like I am on full time job writing, but after a certain time I should be off work and ending the day of homework; instead, I am doing overtime and draining brain cells. There is not enough time in the day to complete everything. I am dreading to study for my Government quiz I have tomorrow although it is multiple choice. I started today's assignment that Wendy gave us this morning. I have to finish that and get that posted before Thursday.

Does anyone else get writer's block? I'm sure you do get to the point of being drained from writing or the point of not having the urge to continue writing. I know some of the posts are far off the topic of school assessment, but that is a work in progress. When I come to the point of running out of words, it is like finding the needle in the haystack. What I mean by that said is we all have to find creative ways to continue to write. What does it feel like being an English major being in English and turning in papers? I have no answer to the question. That is something that I believe that has no one exact answer. Do teachers expect those students with English as a major to have well written papers that have a strong thesis statement with facts and evidence to support what they are writing? Does an English class matter do those who have other majors? I form weird questions in my mind. These questions and many more ramble around inside my mind.

To help me write, I usually have to wait a full day or afternoon to a whole day before writing in order for me to get the juices flowing. Once I hear about a paper that has to be written, I think about before I even start writing it on paper. I know there are some methods or ways to "cure" the writer's block. I do not like the idea of going home and just dive into writing since it will not get me anywhere but only a couple of rough lines and meaningless sentences. If you look at an internet modem or an object with lights that are constantly going, that is how my mind works. Instead of lights flickering, I have words and thoughts just tumbling around in my mind. Instantly this creates a mental headache. Getting mental headaches happens all the time once I start thinking too much or too hard, but mostly I think too much. I try to keep myself from thinking too much since that can stress me out and lead to other unwanted feelings. Though I plan on being an English teacher, writing is something that will be need and continue to use when I become a teacher.

It felt like I just ranted, but writer's block is a wall or a concept that is not well define that allows us to lose our muse or will power to continue writing. Writer's block is like a firewall protection, we can not go through the invisible wall that is keeping us from writing because if we continue on than what we have written will not be done to the best of our abilities by the fullest efforts. Even to those who are excellent writers. Though I find myself to like writing, but not an author, but a writer in different definitions, I find myself to be a good one. I, too, get writer's block.


  • Writer's block is a contruct, it does not exist. But nontheless, its one of the most annoying things ever. Anyhow, hopefully you'll find funnyjunk.com helps. It helps me, because I think something funny gets my ideas going, and I tend to write better when I get a good sense of how my approach will be.