Entertainment can come in different forms. Whether it is something good or bad, we just need it our lives. Let me take that back. Some people do not watch television at all either because they made it their own choice or they are too busy to sit down and relax.

I do enjoy watching some of the shows on the Discovery Channel. I probably spend time watching television than doing any other activity. Myth Busters is a good show and Dirty Jobs is just a mess to watch, and Cash Cabs is game to earn money. I'm somewhat of a couch potato, but I have those days where I just want to lay in bed or on the couch and just watch television. That is being lazy, but sometimes it just a time to relax and forget about everything that is going on in life. Sometimes I watch too much television. Four to six hours a day is spent watching television. I know TV is not good at times depending on the shows and whatever else can mess up the mind. Usually I watch something that seems interesting after watching the movie or show for ten minutes, and then I may keep watching it. I can recall the classic cartoons that use to come on television and now they are all gone and being replaced. I'm sure you all know the cartoons that were out and popular. Now cartoons are involving into more crazy crap and nonsense, but a good laugh is good for everyone. I enjoy watching a good movie. Sometimes I can watch a good horror movie which is just a mind game mixed with suspense in my opinion.

When it comes down to music genre, I normally listen to the radio. I don't listen to everything because I find that there are some music and songs that I do not like. For example, I do not listen to all rap music because of the explicit language and all the other negative elements of that genre. I'll probably find myself turning on the radio listening to FM 100. I am not a fan of country music. I do like to listen to smooth jazz (one person in particular Kenny G). I'm pretty much opened to listening to music and songs that are good and tend to calm me down. I tend to not play music too loud because everyone does not like loud music, so I play it at a minimum volume level which is what I prefer at times. I find it good to have music playing while I'm doing homework or writing.

I do not listen to anybody's music or something that just does not make sense. Some people do have talent and others can not sing. Sometimes I may watch American Idol whenever I think to flip to the channel. I mostly like the part when they start voting, but it is funnier to see them audition and get turned around. Why would you travel miles away just to see Randy to tell a person that he or she can not go to Hollywood although the person says they can sing when they actually can't sing. If you can sing, you can sing, but if you know you can not hit a high note and not wreck a song, then you should not waste money to travel to another city just to get rejected. That does not make any sense at all. Entertainment is nice I guess because it keeps everyone from being bored and it gives us something to laugh about.


  • Your choose really well. I like how you think, being careful not to annoy others with loud music. And the way you explain the music you like, it's like reaching equilibrium or something. You are not extreme such as others who may say they only like one genre, or one artist or all of nothing kind of ideas. Nice.

  • Yasir, thanks for leaving a comment. I am glad you like how I think. Everyone has their own taste of music and their reasons. The last thing I would not want to do is stick with one artist or genre. I learn to have a clear sense of thinking. and to be open minded. Music is music. Music can come in different forms. When it comes down to music, I am not an extremist, but a person that enjoys different artists and genre that is "out of my box." I like the way you use the word equilibrium.