Thank You for Smoking

This movie begins with the show host introducing Nick Naylor, Vice President of Academy of Tobacco Studies. While on the show, he is the spoke person. On stage is a teenager who stopped smoking because he has cancer. I find that to be a good thin that he stopped since it is not a good thing for the body. If someone does not pay attention, they will miss that the rest of the guests are against smoking whereas Nick is for smoking and he a lobbyist. Though the young guy has cancer, I think Nick is using him to get more customers. It is ironic for Nick to talk to a group of elementary students about challenging authority. For instance, he does not exactly tell the children they should try smoking, but if should find out for themselves if cigarettes since everyone who is telling them it may not be good to smoke is not an expert. I think the director wanted this piece in to show us that there is hidden message that can be found when business people are trying to sell their products or make it known. From the title of the movie, the business is thanking you for smoking since it is the only way they will make money.

Throughout this movie, you will notice that there will be times when you noticed a force that prevents people from smoking and also trying the public to find smoking to be okay; that there is nothing wrong with the habit. Thought Nick is a father and apart of the tobacco business, he must continue to be a role model to his son Joey. I think the title of this movie is ironic though the director and actors work together to put together this movie that persuasive the viewers to go out and challenge them to do something that will bring them out their comfort zone. I think, political wise, one must support an argument by having a strong foundation that will convince someone that he or she is may be wrong. Throughout the movie you will hear people mention house mortgage and everyone has to pay it.