Parents Should Be Involved

The blogger Mick Wright posted the letter from East High School's principal, Frederick Curry on his blog. The letter was published in the Letters to the Editor section of the Commercial Appeal and can be found here on the website, too. When I first read this article, I was not sure how to response or react. This letter is something that states facts, but also is someone's opinion coming from a principal. I don't see too many letters from a school official which is surprising to me since most of them come from citizens of the of Memphis. Violence is really bad when you have the mayor to step in to help control the situation and shootings. When Curry mentioned high expectations, I thought about the rules and what teachers expected from me in high school. Now I am in college the bar has rose high than ever before. I thought the letter was good and he has mentioned what is done at East High and a slight mention on less security and violence problems. I remember hearing about their mentor program they have at that school. I believe everyone should have a mentor. We all can benefit from having someone to call or stop by to see how we are doing or if we need help.

On the Commerical Appeal page where they have the letter are other lettters other people have written. Don't get me wrong, but I believe that we all should hear both sides of the story. One person wrote that there should be other ways beyond just have metal detector checks at schools. Charles Jones, a citizen who wrote his own letter, thinks we should have parents more involved with education and what goes on within the schools. I do agree with this person because we can't blame it on everyone, but what we can do is help let everyone know that there is an chance for one to step up to the plate and turn things around. Toya Mackey, who teaches at Ross Elementary (and attends my church), after explaining to her my what I was doing in English, she told me she thinks parents should be required to attend classes, PTA meetings, and workshops rather than announcing them. I do agree with her since there may parents who do not get involved with their children. That is a shame! Parents, get with the program see what your students are learning at his or her school.

Another article I read on the CA's website entitled Mayor: Take away parents' excuses included Mayor A C Wharton coming up with a plan of action to get parents interaction with their children's education. Who does not want to be apart of their learning life? The mayor says that he would "like to redefine child neglect to include the failure, without justification, to take part in your children's educational progress." I wonder exactly what that means. That sentence has meaning. I think his definition of child neglect should be added to the records. If you think about it, to an extent, a parent is neglecting their child's education. If you have not thought about it, a parent will only take action if someone attacks their child, if the child is failing, or if the child is having problems with the child. To support what I have just said, if a child makes bad grades, think about, the parent will not actually care to help boost the grades up. However, they set high expectations, but that can lead to failure since the child will feel pressured to not let the parent down. If their child is failing, the parent will not do anything. According to Shelby County school board chairman David Pickler, "parents should have and should embrace a personal responsibility to ensure that they are doing everything necessary to give their children the best chance for a quality educational experience."