Waiting on Memphis to Change? Do Something Instead

I'm glad that the writer's strike is over and they can go back to their jobs. I remember reading the article one of the staff reporters wrote on last week about the strike being over. I guess I can say I am brainless today since I have not used it at all. I had a good weekend. It was a wanted break from college and just chill out and calm my body down from being overloaded last week.

In a post last week, I mentioned that I responded to the author of Commontaries about the issue of guns and violence in schools. The author wrote in response to my comment that
"The schools are reflective of the community. With all these shootings going on
in the community. Why wouldn't there be shooting in the schools also? I'm not in
favor of paying students to tell on each other, but I don't fight against it. We
need some folks on the job all the time."

I know someone is reading what I have to say. This is a start of interaction with other bloggers. I slightly agree schools being reflective of the community because I tend to see the area where different schools are located and looking around and seeing the people and activities around the neighborhood can prompt an opinion on stating whether the schools are bucking the system or if they show moral values. I hope that made sense to you. I can go ahead and say that if someone states an opinion about a school before understanding it as a whole, then that person will get their sentences "thrown away" by a student that attends that whatever said school. This goes back to understanding other's viewpoint and listening to them before we stopped them from talking. This goes along the lines of my response to the writing prompt from last week. Memphis City Schools need help. Help and support from the community, teachers, and principals, and from the state level. The violence and people getting shot and killed will not do us any good when other people reflect their opinions about our city. This is just a start to new problems, or a place to freeze everything and make a change.


  • Excellent post Kelvin. I'm so pleased that you have really become engaged with the Memphis blogs, especially since you're not from here. You have a very valuable perspective! Keep up the great work.

  • Thanks Wendy. I appreciate those kind words..(By the way, I am from here; however, I only been here for a couple of years... around twelve). I try my best to keep have an open mind and have a good perspective on differnt issues of the community and city. it is usually when one is writing to be able to think beyond the box.