I'm a Student Blogger

Usually Mondays and Fridays is when I encountered the challenge of what to post on here. This Monday is a different story. I found a topic that I have found to have meaning; therefore, I decided to write my true feelings about blogging, using this in class, and the course itself.

When I first came to the class and started hearing about having blogs as apart of English class, I never had an actual reaction to how Wendy was going to integrated technology in the class. I feel that technology should be used in classes integrated with the regular chalkboard, lectures, and labs. I can recall reading articles in the past about technology being used in schools and how average people are not up-to-date on using computers. I believe that fact can be true. Coming to class with materials and doing everything else such as typing up papers, assignments, and submitting them online is actually good for me in way. I would want to turn in the assignment online and give a hard copy to the teacher.

As I started to get to know Wendy and how she runs her class, in retrospect, this class is going pretty well. I do like using the blogs as way to sort out and better my writing. So far this semester, or year, I have written a good pile of posts. I think they are not just posts, but writing and thoughts with meaning. I'm not writing just for nothing, but with a purpose. The theme of this class is to "Think Globally, Act Locally" and I know this is a journey in progress for me. I feel like I'm accomplishing this goal. I may want to tell others about this blog and my paper. It can come in handy and with creativity, it can serve as a presentation of some sort. I am quite sure where blogging will take me, but I think this blog is a part of me. I say this because its something I enjoy doing not just having it for class, but just a hobby and an outlet to online journalism. I don't expect to stop blogging once I leave Wendy's class because this is like proof of what I have been doing in the class, and what is going on with me and college. This is my work. This blog is me. I am this blog.

One thing I have noticed is that my passion and knowledge on the topic that I'm writing about this semester is rising to the surface. The voice that is kept silent within me is starting to rattle and make an appearance. I do not really share my position an issue since I don't think that it matters to everyone. I observe what goes on around the university and people and I have second thoughts if someone believes what I tell them. I guess they will find out one way or another. This blog helps me to put everything I'm thinking and progressing through Freshman year on the internet for anyone and everyone to read. I am glad I have am apart of Wendy's class. I find the work to be challenging, but not hard. In other words you have to be on top of the work and making sure you leave time to work on everything to meet the multiple deadlines.

Sometimes I read articles, essays, and post something I have written, I do not find that as a challenge to block me from being productive. There are times when I stumble into a wall that blocks me from writing or tend to challenge me. Other times, I just feel the urge to write in my blog. Writing papers or a responsive essay that is worth writing has meaning. Blogging itself, or the blogger, must have a reason to blog or a specific purpose to blog whether it is personal, for entertainment, formal or informal. Being that said, there is a purpose for me wanting to write in this blog. If I did not show interest in this blog, then I would have less posts and not frequent updates as required. Sometimes I can go beyond the box of just blogging. Interaction with other bloggers can be a good aspect of blogging.

Besides just blogging for the class, along with my big paper on school assessment and this blog, I want to do something with it. Everything that is being accomplished and the finish products, the big paper and the blog (which may keep going), would like to use these go take along with me on and adventure. I am ready for the adventure.