School Shootings

Students are really getting wild about the violence and not trying to keep and be safe during the time at school. I have heard about the Mitchell High shooting on the news. There have been different events over the last week in the school system. I know Channel 5 News is doing a three part report on school security and how easy it is for an outside to enter school buildings. I believe that do that tonight at 10:00. That is something interesting to look at on the news. I think it is a good thing they are doing the report since it allows the parents and students to see how easily it is for any person to just walk in the school and something terrible can happen. On the Commontaries blog, the author has written a post about guns in schools. Something has to be done about students having guns in an institution of learning. Not only do students bring guns to schools in our city, but this happens all over the world. It is a global problem. I wonder where the students find the time to seek a gun, create a plan of crime, and then put the plan to action.

Generally, I believe all schools should have some policy or policies on the issue of safety and have safety checks. If the board policies are outdated, then there should be a need of an update. Metal detectors is a common thing to have in class though some students avoid it and they find other ways to bring items that are not allowed in the school building. I will say that most schools are in big cities are recognized as inner schools. Schools are schools. I think the community as a whole should create a positive outlook for young people. I remember reading a student's blog from English class and I think she may or may not be in the same class with me, but she wrote a post about life. As a response, I stated that we all have voices. Those students who commit the crime may be going through family problems. We do not know what they are thinking or what is going on with them personally, but they should be able to seek help for themselves. Why would they want to kill another student or their friend? Teachers are suppose to know their students well enough to tell if something is bothering them. Once that teacher see changes in the students, he or she will know that something is wrong. This is the first step that the teacher should go to the student and ask them for help. Although teachers may approach their students from that view, whether the student wants the help or not is up to them.

Something simple to do is to listen to the voices of the students. I think students should be able to solve problems through a non-violence way. Violence is not the way to solve problems. This is all I really have to say about school shootings. I do not know what else to say. I hope this is a moment time where we all are to be dared to think of a change and actually stick with the plan.