Today is Friday, finally! I will say that it has been a long week. As usual, I enjoyed blogging. I know I did a good job this week, so I had to go back and reread what was written and the comments that were left. I enjoy getting comments and responding to them. I know yesterday's post was about the longest I have written thus far. The word count came out to be 1020 words. I enjoyed the debate that we had in Government class this morning. My Algebra class was a bit boring and I was ready to leave. Math is boring and it’s my least favorite subject. , I decided to go to the campus library and find a book to do a book review. I was all up and down the third and fourth floor. However, I did not want to do a book review because I could not really find anything interesting so I'm deciding to watch two movies and review them. I have read the feedback from Wendy not once, but three times. So, I'll be working on part one and making it strong and meaningful.

I usually comment on other blogs inside and outside of the class. I believe that the comments I leave on other blogs are expressive. I leave comments that indulge others to think and letting them know that someone out there is listening to them as well as reading what they have to say. Reading comments that others are leaving on my blog is really exciting because I know that someone is reading what I have to say and write. I find it interesting to communicate among other people through blogs. Leaving comments here and there because it is a requirement is reasonable, but leaving a structured comment is better. I have gotten good comments, but I'll be on my toes for the bad ones that may come in the future.

I planned on sharing with you my research that I have find within the education system here in Memphis and through the country. I think that will post that a bit later. Through my findings, I have spotted some good information. I believe that have some good information. One thing I have discovered is the State Board of Education is getting through with future high school graduation requirements. Students will have to not have to graduate with 21 credits, but with 22 credits. I am glad graduated last year. From an article I read, they have dropped the Gateway test and they will be hitting the students hard with the new standards and polices for the 2009 school year and current students in a certain grade level. Interesting enough for you to want to hear, know, and learn more? Stay tune because I will share more in details.