Ramblings Of a Writer: Slate Magazine, Valentine's Day, Book Club

Since I have been sticking to the topic of writing about Memphis blogs and the topic of improving schools and education, I would like to just free write and express what is on my mind and how I feel. No one really knows what I am thinking or anything that could be bouncing around in my head, but now is the time for me to share with you - the public, the reader, and audience.

Sometimes when I run out of ideas or something to write about, I tend to have writer's block. I learned something new in English today. I learned to write with meaning. It can be somewhat hard, but we read other people's essays, articles, novels, and they write with meaning. It is like reading between the lines and using context clues. Personally, I never thought about my writing having meaning. I'm always thinking and getting those mental headaches. I have to stop thinking too much. I consider myself a good writer and I like writing at times. When I write, I usually rewrite a paragraph or a sentences a thousands times replacing word after word until I feel satisfied with the revisions until there is a hole in the paper or the keys get stuck on the computer. I don't think that will really happen. I think I am ready for the weekend and just need a break, but it may not happen because I will be doing homework over the weeknd. Terrible! I still have to work on my paper and I think I may rewrite part one and add bits and pieces of information from sources somewhere in the paper. I just hope we do not have a list of banned words that we can't use in our paper. That would be insane, but yet, it could work.

To help with writing, I find reading as a good supplement. As I thought about what to blog about, not one particular subject or topic came to mind. Ideas were just bouncing around like a ping pong ball. I happened to read the Slate magazine online and read the "Dear Prudence" letters. It is an advice column for people to write letters to writer and she will write advice on what she thinks of the situation. Most of them (the letters) were pretty interesting. Some of them were funny like the nephew bit the uncle and he slapped the child. The dad did not appreciate the child getting hit. He wrote to the lady of the column and asked for advice on what he should do next time it happens. Another letter was written by a mother of a teenager boy who is 18. He has pictures of his girlfriend that is younger than him. She writes a letter seek advice on what is the best way to break the two up and not allow him to seek the girl any longer. Then there is the letter about a wife who husband hardly bathes and he smells. The wife is running out of suggestions and what to say to her husband. Prudie tells her that he may have a phobia because when in the stores he does not purchase soap or anything. The wife mentions that there are stains on his side of the bed. That has to be nasty for a woman to have a husband like that. I would be shamed to lay in bed with a young lady and she has to sleep with me in that condition. I think the wife should take Prudie's advice.

Speaking of husband and wife, Valentine's Day is coming in some days from now. Not only is it for married couples it is for every one of all ages. Like every year, I will not have a special valentine. Well, I have not been looking so that could help out the lost of not having one. February 14 is the day for love and celebration for those who may be in a relationship with a significant other. For me, I just see it as another day. For instance I'm like the Grinch who stole Christmas, but this time it will be on Valentine's Day. I find it a depressing day each year. For others it is a happy, glorious day. Maybe this year will be a different day. I can only wait and see what happens.

Reading is something I enjoy in my leisure time. Though it has been awhile since I read a good book, I think it is important to probably read maybe a book a semester or something like that. Books sometimes tend to encourage us or to teach a lesson that can be used in life. I know that when I become a teacher, I will be reading plenty of materials. Reading and English (not just the language) goes together. You can not have one without the other. The last book I have read that I still need to finish from the summer is The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. In high school, I have read a few good plays which I enjoyed. I also read a couple of good books that I have in my book collection and I like to share with others. Animal Farm by George Orwell is a good book. I read that in the ninth grade and wrote my twelfth grade term paper on that book. I do plan on seeing the play on campus this spring. There are other novels I have read. I will have to say that it is difficult to find someone with the same interest of reading; someone who is probably passionate with reading as me. Passionate is not the word I want, but engage sounds better. I think there should be a registered student organization book club on campus for people (readers) like me. For a while I have been pondering about starting one, but I would not know how many people would join or how long it will last or anything like that. If there is writing club, why not have a book club? Maybe I keep thinking about the idea.