Stop Thinking Equals Creativity

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things.” ~Ray Bradbury

I find this quote to be very true. Every day I find myself thinking; think too much or too hard. hen this happens, I get a mental headache. I usually get them all the time because I'm trying to think, but I think too hard which leads to making things a bit complicated. Thinking does stop the flow of creativity. In a sense, relaxing and just letting the thoughts flow is a better way. The thoughts that I or someone else comes up with, those must be put into action. If they sound lousy, as the quote says, we must not try them, but we must do them. Although they sound plain and dumb, with less thinking and putting the ideas aside, then this allows the mind to function in a creative way. If they are "dumb" then, we should do them and see what the outcomes are. Every statement I made so far may sound confusing, but again, I'm doing a bit of thinking with a mix of creativity. The only part you have is to make sure you understand the concept before you make a contradiction.

The voice within us will tell us when we think of something that is not on the creative side of the mountain, then feelings of regret will cause us to go against moral values or right and wrong actions. Self-consciousness allows us to feel that we are being "watched" or the feeling of being the person that stands out the crowd of people. At times when we think it is our self-conscious that is thinking and we find it to be one crazy or weird thought. In simpler terms, we think than those thoughts will be our self-conscious rather than being or showing creativity.

If I have to show my creative side, I try not to think too much about and just let everything flow out. All the ideas and thoughts are placed on paper out so I can put a little bit of this and that together to create something useful. Great minds think alike, especially when there is a need for more than one person to come up with a creative art form or a one-person job.

It seems like every Monday and Friday are two days where I can not think of anything to write about in blog, especially if I have not researched or done anything on my paper. The juices stop flowing and I have to read or relax in order to write something that that has meaning and shows my writing abilities rather it is creative or a formal writing piece. If we all stop thinking for a moment, it will allow us to be creative. Not in the way of just stop thinking about an idea and forget about. Thinking about the idea for a moment and then wait a few days and come to back and see how creativity allows you to play with the idea so that it can be useful and not your self-conscious that gives you that feeling of regret or rejecting the moral values that you have.


  • Kelvin
    I think this was a great article that you wrote. So much in todays world it is hard to seperate your thoughts from the worlds and to stand as an individual with your own thoughts. You seem to be your own person and have your own opinions. That is a great way to think and i think that is awesome. Great writing Kelvin!

  • Thanks for the comment, Taylor. I put much thought into this before I started writing this. I try to be my own person. A person's thoughts should allow them to stand sperate from the crowd and let them be themselves. We are all different to make situations and our lives better.

  • amen to this!

    it seems that we're dealing on the same problem... now, i know that should stop being self-conscious or worrying too much about how other people will perceive us or our blogs...

    great blog, brother!

    we were kinda thinking on the same thing... btw, i link this post in my blog ( seems like u caught the last symptom of the Johnonline Syndrome.