Would You Rather….

So a blogging buddy, Johnonline shared a link to a blog post from another blog that he reads (I believe he reads the blog)… I forgot how it happened, but furthermore it is a post from a young lady named Nic who writes at the blog *PINKICK’S PLANET*. The post she written is a Friday Discussion of “Would You Rather.” And the questions are tough to choose from two different choices to make (would you rather do this or that). So there are 25 questions that could be answered. So I decided to answer the first 15. Whew!

1. Be 4”1' or 7”9'? I would rather be noticed and get around quick so being 7'”9' may seem to help. I’m already tall as it is… so maybe being much taller will be exciting.
2. Live without music or live without TV? Oh no! This is a tough one. I like them both. I can live without music because sometimes I end up listening to everything a million times and rarely stretch the wing out for extras.
3. Have a beautiful house and ugly car or ugly house and beautiful car?  This is a hard one. I would rather not decide on an answer. Next.
4. Live in Antarctica or Death Valley? I would rather be at neither place because home sounds a bit safe. Both places are expected to have some sort of life or death risk!!
5. Have three eyes or webbed feet? I wouldn’t mind having an additional one eye to go with the other two. The better to see with.

6. Find true love or a million dollars? I can take both. I really would. Though. I probably will want to find true love. Money can be made anytime.
7. Always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again? I can’t go a day without speaking, so I rather be heard and say what’s on my mind.
8. Be gossiped about or never talked about at all? There’s something to be said about me and there has to be said about something. So I rather not talked about other folks and their own business. Blah.
9. Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing? My hearing is good. I want to have x-ray vision. Cool to see through anything and everyone. Super powers. Woot!
10. Be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say? I could do both. I would go crazy hearing what others have to say. I want to take back everything I say…. presently said can be quickly taken back.

11. End hunger or hatred? Hungry will be better. Hatred is good too. Sometimes no matter what happens, people will still hate. Shame.
12. Be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?
I rather be with someone I hate because though I may hate them we still will talk and it’s going to be sooner or later.
13. Have more money or be more attractive? Money isn’t everything, but being more attractive is a great thing to be. I rather be more attractive LOL.
14. Have one wish granted today or ten wishes granted in ten years' time? 10 wishes baby! The more the merrier. Oh…all ten can be flexed together as one.
15. Get free chocolate for one year or free potatoes forever? Totally I want free chocolate for one year. No strings attached.


  • hey, you didnt post everything where's the rest of the post? it should be 25...

    regarding no. 11, i believe if we end hunger we will end terrorism in the world. if everybody's having the proper meal every day, no one will complain, everybody's satisfied. hatred will end.


  • you chose chocolate over POTATOES?

  • @caity i chose potatoes over chocolates... http://pinknic-uk.blogspot.com/2009/07/friday-discussion_31.html

  • very interesting. I'd definitely pick potatoes...but I am allergic to chocolate.

  • What is wrong chocolate?!? Well, I enjoy eating potatoes when they are cooked and fixed with meals in different ways, but chocolate is good, too.

  • "if everybody's having the proper meal every day, no one will complain, everybody's satisfied. hatred will end." -- righhhht. lol.

    Chocolate's great but I'd definitely choose the potatoes, too.

    And as for #7, as long as I can still write, I'm fine. Plus, if I were compelled to say every thing on my mind, I'd hurt too many people's feelings. I believe in exercising tact as much as I can, so I'd take a vow of silence in order to maintain that.

  • These are interesting the questions, not the run of the mill, so I'm going to try to answer the same...

    1. 4'9" I live life as a large woman would like to know how it felt to live small.

    2. bit of a sophie's choice here but TV wins...Less interaction needed.

    3. The word 'beautiful' throws me a little...But a car is not that important to me...Home is so I choose home.

    4.I'm thinking Antarctica...Hot way overrated.

    5. I already have 3 eyes, so I'd like webbed feet particularly handy for Antarctic?

    6. $1.000,000 to demonstrate in a practical way - True Love.

    7. Silence is Golden

    8. Gossiped about..At least you know you're alive.

    9. Hearing...So I could at least hear the natural music of the universe/Multiverses...Seen enough already.

    10. Be able to hear any conversation...To confirm my suspicions that I'm telepathic anyway :)

    11. This for me is another sophie's choice Ending hunger seems to be obvious...But all hungers? passions? Hatred is just inverted love...

    12. I've ben metaphorically marooned for sometime...So I'm going to enjoy the passion of hating before it changes too.

    13 In this world, be more attractive...I'll then attract the money.

    14. One today thank you very much.

    15. Chocolate...No question.

  • Ahhh cool game! Fun! Nice answers too :)