Early Morning Thoughts

Often times I would like to be settle and just clear my mind because it is an on-going working machine. I just don’t stop thinking. Thoughts are just floating around in my head. Sometimes I think that when we stop thinking it creates or helps from creativity and other times like going to stop the regular routine helps get ideas on what to write about on blogs. It sometimes, for some and not a lot, to keep up with blogging; especially when they are writing good content and the readers are looking for more of what they blog about. In their own style, I believe most posts on this blog showcase what I am about and who I am and my perspective of different things and aspect of life. They range across different topics, but not too far off the charts. In one hundred something odd days, it will be marked two years of blogging with a self-conscious & day-to-day blogging/writing ideas.

This blog seems to be loosing its shape and form. I know I write about about all sorts of things instead of being in one niche as it is read in various places online. Maybe later I will stick to what exactly suppose to be done. Though this blog has not been out there like many others, but sometimes the hidden blogs are the best ones. The popular ones seem to be terrific but rather you want to find something that suits you well. Only thing I can and will try to do is to keep blogging.

So much is floating in my head on what to write. I wrote a post entitled “I Want to Write a Book & Get it Published” back in April of last year. The idea of wanting to write a book and get it publish is still in the idea…waiting to be thrown on paper and put into action. But writing isn’t exactly what I would like to do. However, it is something I like to do; an interest of writing Of course from the beginning I want to teach. This may be noticed in Thursday’s post on education and many others in the archive. Since I am continuing this blog from classroom blogging, this could be a seen as a start or progress of writing thoughts, ideas, and writing about current events and anything else. Wanting to become a teacher or a college instructor is a reason for me wanting to be in college and that evidence can be possibly be seen. So if I can get into the teaching field and teach for some odd good years I will be happy and then afterward I can always find other jobs that interest me. Then there’s the thing with the money and jobs, but we already know how that comes to play when it comes down to careers.

Even if I don't get to the goal of writing a book of some sort then, that's fine because I would have did anything else that I have have planned an wanted to do. It will be something I would like to do.

Well, I think I will digress and conclude this post.


  • It's very hard to keep a level head. That's one of my most hated habits. I think too much for my own good.

    I have a lot of things on my "to-do list". Some might say that there are way too many, but they are all things I need and want to do.

    The best thing I ever realized was that I can only do one thing at a time. Absolutely no one can multitask. Unless you're walking and chewing gum-any other "important tasks" require full attention.

    One thing at a time-it's hard, it's not ideal, but it's what needs to be done.

    If you want to write a book-schedule a day of the week where you will write. Make a date with yourself. Plan to go to a coffee shop and just write. You're more likely to write when you're not at home. They don't take too kindly to you laying on their floor and taking a nap as you would at home :)

  • Long response to follow:

    My mind is definitely an "on-going working machine" in the sense that I always feel the need to be working. I like to have a project going at all times. But then I can't settle for that, so I get about 2-5 going at once alongside a constantly-growing to-do list. I'm also a perfectionist. If it isn't obvious, let me say: this cuts down on genuine productivity.

    Every now and then I wish I could be a niche person (with my poetry, blog, and other creative endeavors, etc.) But I'm not. I have Jill-of-all-trades syndrome...lol.

    I wrestle with making my blog solely about writing on a daily basis because that's the field I'm mastering, but I just can't do it. If I did, I'd end up making sites for each separate interest of mine about which I want to record my thoughts. I'd also need separate sites for each of my professional goals. (You know I've blogged about this before.) Maybe I should just bow out of the social media generation and do things the old-fashioned way: only keep a handwritten journal.

    One thing that I need to remember that will probably make the difference in my creative work is that I'm doing it for me first.

    ANYWAY. I've gone back and read several of your older posts. Like you said, the entries on this blog showcase what you're about/your P.O.V. The blog's not losing its shape and form. In my opinion, it's evolving on the path it's always been on.