Making Progress to Change Today’s Education System

Background Info: In past classes at my University, I  was able to do my research paper on school assessment and focus on the rising age of it and it began nationally and state wide. I was also able to take the time to explain what needs to be changed in educational system in this country. Pretty much everything was focused on national issues based on the public schools here in Memphis. This took place in English Composition 1020 (second composition course for Freshman) during Spring ‘08. In Oral Communication class, Fall ‘08, we do write and present speeches to the class.  I decided to stick with the topic of education and really tell the class my passion and that this is an issue important in this country just like any other that is being dealt with. So I was gladly to present to the class the issues of education that I thought were most important out of the other problems that occur in schools. You can visited the hyperlinked text to read the main ideas that were presented.

I find education to be a very important aspect of my life and for others, too. No matter if I end up teaching secondary English for high school (and probably teach middle school) or become a college instructor teaching English, I will always have my insight, thoughts, and perspective on the way the education system is today and how it will be in the future. Something is always changing for the better; however, there can be the downfall of the way education is today. There is still room for improvement in all aspect-from the local school to the district as a whole, leadership, learning standards and objectives, and even the No Child Left Behind Act. I think there are some students that have been left behind already.

You should understand why there is a need for change in the education system because one main idea is that “teaching to the test” can be seen as cheating students out of their free education by teaching directly to a curriculum that will help the student pass the class rather than allowing them to have the knowledge of different educational ideas and methods. They are should not be taught the material that will be on the test but instead how to take the test that will have the material that should be covered in class. It should be understand that the state test given to students all over the country should be used effectively that will how the students to promote their learning abilities from inside and outside the classroom to the workplace and beyond. I have not heard much about the No Child Left Behind Act since former Pres. Bush left office, but this can cause students to dropout of school before graduating because the will be pressured to help increase higher test scores at the local school, which reduces the time to allow the teacher to teach. Tests get in the way of actual teaching, schools loosing future students, and the “work like a robot” effect is in place.

I surely can not forget about school safety and how this effects students from learning and putting them at risk of all sorts of danger. Every day students are faced with peer pressure that can cause them to misbehave, do drugs, and ditching school. Violence can also happen when students are bullied, feel unsafe, and take matters into their own hands without parental supervision. It can be noticeable when parents are not involved in their child’s school and their learning lifestyle since, again, the child will behave improperly and how mature they are to meet high expectations. A better school system is the way to go in our to produce better and successful citizen in any country and to get them out of poverty.

To conclude this post, focusing on issues such as mentioned in this post and many others, we should help to improve local, state, and national counterparts within the education system to ensure that this country can compete with the other countries in multiple languages, the business of economics, and hoping that go off to college or some sort of vocational institute that will make them a better person and provide valuable contributions within their family and their community.


  • I'm a double English/Elementary Ed major, and I'm so glad there are more people that are thinking this way! You're right on in talking about drop-out levels. I grew up in private school where I didn't have to worry about it, but my aunt & uncle who are both teaching in public schools have gotten good about not just focusing on the testing, but on all the other material that needs to be taught. Anyway, great post, and love your blog!

  • Education is so very tricky at this day in age. Back then those that wanted to go to school did, and those that did not worked the lands. Today everyone is herded into schools and fed the same information much like flocking sheep.

    The problem is, these children/students have all different ways of learning, they come from different walks of life, and are at different levels of maturity. You put all that together and teaching a group of 20-30 of them is an absolutely daunting task! And to do this with such a level of expertise that they all walk away prepared to feed the lines back to you in the form of a 'test' is insanity.

    People are different, we practice and preach individuality; we force our students to walk a different road of conformity when it comes to learning. Why is that? How do we address that? ...I think that might be our only chance to 'stop leaving behind'... honestly.

    Thought-provoking post my dear! :)

  • thanks for the greet dude! just checked your blog to see what's new.

    i never thought you're that passionate with your course and the education system. i mean when i was in college all i'm worried about is graduating with flying colors. regarding education, we're suffering the same issue here in my country. i fear that it wont be resolve that easily. as you know, a financial crisis is going on.

    btw, i think you'll make a good governor or senator of your state.

  • I definitely agree with the need to improve our education system. With college coming up, I'm having a hard time picking out schools that will not only be fun for me but will offer me a solid education. I'm trying out this program a friend told me about, called AcceptEdge, have you heard of it? It appears to be pretty helpful so far in giving me some suggestions to look into.