Late Nights

Tuesday. In the week hours of the night. 1:03AM. Guess what? I’m not asleep. I am not sleepy…and I may be not slightly sleepy. I’ve been up since 8am Monday morning. Good grief! I’m just flipping through the television and watching some late night shows. Along with that, I’m doing some small chatting on 20SB and instant messengers. Wished I could chat with you. I don’t consider myself watching a lot of TV…. more or less of contradiction. When classes start back, I may not be able to catch up with shows and try to fit some TV in the schedule. We’ll see… Not much is popping on Facebook. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

1:26 AM: I decided that I got bored and wanted to whip up a post while I am still up. 21 years old… I can’t believe I will be 22 next February. Wow! I wonder where my buddy Joey is at tonight. I can’t imagine what he have done tonight… or can I? LOL. Interesting chat went on last night and it was crazy. Give up for the night owls. I will say that is quiet around here; meaning here in the living room besides the television being on and the cool air blowing from the vents.

I’m just doing some late night blogging and rambling on about what I am currently doing. Pork steak was cooked for dinner but I did not have any. I had to find something else to eat. As the cold air is blowing out, I have to cover up because there’s no one here to cuddle with on the couch.

1:31AM: Joey just entered the 20 Something Bloggers chat.  The hangout spot. People noticed it is dead but they stop to realize it exists or bother to chat. You can meet some cool people there.

1:41: Another episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is on. A classic show that everyone should know about. Before that Family Matters was showing but on a differ channel of course. I don’t know what to do… lonely night but I am not going to complain because it could have been worse! Degrassi Goes Hollywood. I forgot this was The N channel. I’m hungry.

1:53: Not really thinking about watching TV anymore. Maybe I should read a book that I should have finished two years ago.

1:57: A slow night. Late nights.


  • fuck will smith he will always be the fresh prince to me lol. somewhere around here i still have a dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince cassette tape

  • I probably watch The Fresh Prince every night. Sometimes I end up watching the same episodes twice or even a third time. I never knew hey had a cassette tape made.

  • You watch entirely too much TV and have a thing for old shows. First it's Malcolm in the Middle then it's fresh prince? Geez

  • ladies and gents, give it up for FAMILY MATTERS!! all together now.....


  • Oh Fresh Prince puts me to sleep every single night. I love me some Nick and Nite!

    Isn't it amazing how quick life is going? I'm about to be 25 in a few months. While I try not to think about it too much, I am often caught thinking "Where did time go?!" It goes downhill from there to more regretful thoughts and eventually I end up in the fetal position crying and sucking my thumb.

    Haha :D

  • I do not watch too much TV. LOL. I am starting to think that is what is coming across some people that are reading the posts about television and it being food for my eyes.

  • not only do I recognize that type of night in your writing, I just had that little twinge of "i can't sleep" dread. how'd you do that.

    and hey hey. fresh prince rocks. <3

  • you seem to have a small common theme of insomnia in your blog.

    I fully respect that.

    I also fully respect that Fresh Prince is your TV show of choice. Nicely done.

    We'll sleep when we're dead,

  • It's interesting that all of us watch tv frequently, some a lot, others a little, others so so, but everybody deny this! I like to watch Tv, good shows, cartoons, news, sports. The difference is that we have to watch everything with critical eyes.