Another Night Without Sleeping

Let’s see… I have been up all night without any sleep. Maybe because I took a nap yesterday evening. I do not like falling asleep during the daytime since I will be up all night although I am up during the night. Oh well. And it seems to be raining with thunderous sound effects. Nothing major, but those small summer thunderstorms. I can tell you that my sleep scheduled is a bit off track, but that will change as it is becomes closer to start back going back to the University. Speaking of the University, I’m a bit ready to start the Fall semester on August 31. Still a chunk of summer break left. How did you guys like the Quote of the Week? It was a light discussion on technology and the usage of the Internet.

I watch television daily. One show that I have find to start back watching is Malcolm in the Middle which has begun to air on Nick at Nite. I like the show and it has a good plot. The typical American sitcom about the Malcolm and his mischievous, adolescent ways. One episode I can recall watching is when the kids were outside playing some kind of sporting game and the ball flew over an old lady’s fence. So they sent Malcolm over to get the ball when the old lady scared him and got her because he pushed her down. So the next thing happens is that he gets the consequences of helping the lady out because her arm is broken. He gets caught driving her car because Malcolm’s friends came over while she was passed out for some reason. She is a mean old lady but in the end she helps him out by saying that he was driving her to the emergency room; therefore driving her car. She saved his butt from more trouble; however, she volunteers him to help her out before school, let alone after school.

Other than watching television all night, I text a few friends and see what they were doing yesterday after I woke up from my nap since getting my hair cut. I also was on 20 Something Bloggers chatting with people there. We talked about a little bit of everything, but I recall talking about this one guy, Joey, playing pool and getting his best bids on winning and playing bowling for fun. He was a bit drunk while chatting LOL. I’ve always meet the regular peeps there and chat with them. A few are readers of this blog. So a shout to all those who are members of 20SB!! And another SHOUTOUT to those who continue to read this blog near and far.

So it has been a restless night for me; however, I’m not surprise because it happens all the time. It is just finding something to do during these types of night.


  • I must admit, I was a bit upset when they had the Nick and Nite marathon of MITM. I'm a huge fan of 'the Nanny' and Fresh Prince.

    But, MITM isn't all that bad.

    Good luck on that sleeping schedule. I know its hard when you're restless. I've been there more often than I care to remember.

  • I miss "Malcolm in the Middle" too.

    And yeah, you're right. 20sb rocks! You meet a lot of people there. I must say "katiedotcom's" and your blog is one of my favorites. Update yours often.

    Regarding your sleeping habits, try counting sheep.. lol

  • I know that they air the show on other television networks. Another typical show and it is different among many shows.

    John: I'm flattered to hear that my blog is one of your favorites. I believe the blog is pulling through recovery. I never really put thought into counting sheep.

  • night for you is day for me here! always up for a chat :)

  • Hey there! Thanks for the comment on my last post, and of course for the 20sb's shout out. I know what you mean about the insomnia though, have it myself. Great blog.

  • Ya that Joey guy is a real nut haha. I remember being a lil kid and shows like mr ed and dick van dyke were on nick at night. Kinda weird to see the fresh prince roseanne and malcolm in the middle. I guess when I'm old they'll probably have simpsons and family and southpark on there.

  • Day in the Life: Yes, Joey a cool dude and has the most interesting conversations, too. If I start seeing any more shows they are not "fit" for Nick at Nite then they are going overboard. Maybe they are adding the classic shows on during the night for whatever reason. Fresh Prince comes on ABC Family channel, too. I think as long as they don't add any whack shows, then it's all good.

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