Food for Your Eyes

Quote of the Week

“Television: chewing gum for the eyes.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

Plain and simple. Well in this case, our eyes have chewed many different flavors of gum. From the music videos to the reality to shows to the talk shows, our eyes have seen them all. Sometimes I think that all shows are the same. Like VH1… the shows they show are all spinoffs of each other. Someone wants a show. I watch too much TV. Do you? Sometimes it is pointless watching the square box. On MTV there’s this new show that comes on at 11:00am CST/12:00noon EST called It’s On with Alexa Chung! It has the celebrities talk and gossip and live music with interaction with the audience by the use of Facebook and Twitter. I’ve read that this is suppose to be the successor for Total Request Live that was a part of MTV programming. The twenty-five year old host does a good job on the show. I can’t complain about the show it is interesting. I watch it while I am doing something else online. Multi-tasking. Right now Sean Kingston is singing the song “Fire Burning”  to end today’s show I like the dance pop-reggae song. [YouTube: the official video]

It appears that television is changing and it is not the same as it used to be. TV shows come and go. MTV’s show Cribs is not bad either. I wished I could have some of those houses.. err… mansions that are featured on the show. Those celebrities are rich. They need to donate the money to me LOL. Country Music Television (CMT) has their version of the show, but I don’t watch it. Over the weekend I saw Teen Cribs. They have it made with those wonderful houses on the beach and some over looking the cities they live in with movie theaters, awesome bedrooms, and kitchens. MTV has other shows that I will end up watching. True Life and MADE are two shows that usually don’t end up missing to watch. Being able to see the producers documentary every day people with different live situations and issues is amazing. Then I am able to see their stories and how others deal with lives. Also, being made into something you always wanted to be; maybe from geek to pimp/ladies man is interesting to see when the guys are on MADE. I like me for whom I am although I wouldn’t mind going on that show to do some person development. Parental Control is not such a bad television show. I can’t leave out Room Raiders.

So there are many different shows I watch on TV. I have mentioned the few classic shows that are still hanging in from way back or a few years since they have been created. I usually watch too much TV and spend a lot of time online. Television is food for my eyes.


  • Nice post and nice quote! =)
    I don't watch TV a lot. If there is no other choice then I watch TV! I watch sitcoms for entertainment =)

  • Booo MTV!!! Whatever happened to the music videos??

  • "They need to donate the money to me"

    So true.

    And Teen Cribs? I had no idea.

  • f.B: Yes, they have a Teen Cribs. It is like the regular show but with teenagers with this irregular homes that a typical teen wouldn't have thought their parents have bought it for them. I need all the money I can get.

  • What an excellent quote!
    And from one tv fiend to the next, if you haven't started watching it yet you should get hooked on Dollhouse which is Joss Whedons new show. It's so clever it hurts.

  • It is gum for the eyes... which is why I don't watch much TV...

  • Dmbosstone: You make a point there. I don't watch as much TV ad everyone thinks, but too much can be insane. But half of the shows on TV aren't worth watching. When classes start I will be trying to scurry to watch TV when I will be doing homework and studying.

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