Not Another Late Night Post!?!

Well, this is it. I decided to try out Twitter and see what the hullabaloo is about. With this said, my Twitter page is and accessible in the sidebar. So follow me! See what I’m up to when I’m not blogging or what else may be going on with me. That’s interesting enough. You will enjoy your free trip to discover the good, the bad, the worse, the and other oddities. Nothing spectacular. So fasten your seat beat because this plane is off to a fast and rough take off! So hit me up on Twitter. ‘Cause I’m taking over.

I expect next Wednesday to be the 5th 20SB Blog Swap. As of now, I don’t know who my partner is since we are paired up at random. I do know that has been many, many people to have registered… bigger than the others. The deadline has already passed. Hopefully soon, way in advanced then next Wednesday I will know who my partner will is. Wednesday, July 22nd, expect my partner’s original post to be here and my post I will write will be on theirs. You can read their post here and mine here and comment on both if you’d like. For sure, I will be commenting on my blog at the given blog when I get noticed about. I’m expecting regular readers of this here and his or her readers to visit here. All in all, it is a fun event. I have participated in this Blog Swap as well. This should help bring more perspective to the blog.

♫ Tuuuesday, aaafterrrnoon…oh wait! It’s not Tuesday. Thuuuurrrsday mooorrrning♫… Where did that come from?? ….Oh well. Moving on LOL.

Maybe I do watch too much television, maybe I do not. I feel that I spend the average amount of hours watching television each week. I actually did not fall asleep to be up in the late hours. I am just still awake; not going to sleep…. yet. Yes, my sleeping habits are off and I am away during the night and not so me in the day. That will change when classes start back. I have some taste for some hot chocolate. I sure miss drinking hot chocolate from Starbucks - Grande size. Yum yum.



  • hey Kelvin, how do i join the BLOG SWAP? am i qualified???

  • Twitter is the worst thing ever made. Even though I am guilty of having one.
    sorry for the lack of my updates. working on it

  • ... I know "Suuunday Moooorning..." those other two got me stumped. I haven't tried Twitter, let me know if it is any fun!

  • Sam: Well, I wouldn't push it that far to make it the worse thing made, but it's the latest thing that is happening. People just tweeting everywhere.

    Confessions: Tuesday Morning is a song by the Moody Blues and it plays on the Visa Card commercial and the other one is one I made up LOL. This is my second day using Twitter. So far so good. Does not seem overwhelming yet. It's nifty!