Computers, Technology, and Socialization

The Quote of the Week

“Advances in computer technology and the Internet have changed the way America works, learns, and communicates.  The Internet has become an integral part of America's economic, political, and social life.”  - Bill Clinton

This week’s quote comes from Mr. Bill Clinton and it sums up how technology, specifically, the Internet is shaped up today. I chose this quote for the week because we all should think about how we use the Internet and other technology in our daily lives in every aspect. It is true, too. You know some people leave the house without their phone and they will say that they feel naked without because they are always talking on the phone or texting. Most people do not know the first thing about computers everything else that is becoming popular among teenagers and young people. I read another quote that stated that the Internet is used to send out mass information and news to people since most people spend most of the day online playing games, looking at their stocks, reading blogs about the next presidential election, or just having fun the different social networks and websites that are out there. We can jump online to buy the latest Apple products, ladies can buy a new outfit and shoes, iTunes is the destination to have the ability to buy one song off an artist’s album without buying the CD for that particular song. I’m thankful for that LOL.

Some college applications and other paper items are going digital. Instead of printing and wasting paper, they want you to learn how to read online….although spending too much time the computer will mess your eyes up. The point of this quote is to think about the technology and how the internet plays a role in your daily routine. Think on how things would be like without the computer and Internet. I know I would go crazy! Communication goes beyond just talking on the phone. We can input a little about of information and let the computer and other machines and spits out everything that we need.

As you go on with your week think about the role of computers, cell phone, Internet, and any other technology, and how you use it in your daily routine including getting the latest news, socializing with family and friends to shopping online.


  • Hey kelvin, good one! :) I seriously can't stay without internet/computer/phone/games and I realize it's not too good to sit in front of the computer for too long :)

  • I'm the first to comment wow! :) :D

  • Heh, I'm a regular internet & call-phone zombie. It's reached the point where I actually say 'LOL' in response to something funny in real life :D

  • Well, since you are zombie with Internet and cell phones, then I can stay alive LOL. Sometimes I use acronyms when talking on a select few and any other times I don't bother to use them because I'll forget even when texting sometimes.

  • Well, Iam 33 and some times I think to my self how Iam so inexperienced on digital life. I use computer, cellphone. Net, I say this as a teacher, is a important tool to avaiable knowledge to distant parts of large countries like Brazil. Here, Universities have experienced this way of education with good results...

  • Hi there Kelvin! Yes, true, this what life has become! Technology that seems vital at times. There are often days I just wish to leave my cell phone home though! Gone are the days when you can truly get away! Though I would never want to give these things up, just nice to leave them for a short time now and then!

  • I use the internet far more than I'd like to admit. I'm addicted. I remember life before internet use was so widespread. Very different.

  • Good stuff. I was thinkin I'm not online that much but then I thought about I'm online all day on my phone. Not sure what I'd do with it out. Reminded me of a funny onion article.

  • Babe... I would die! I'm waiting to meet the person that sweeps me so far away I couldn't care less about any of it anymore! :P

  • Confessions: Sometimes I try to keep myself busy so I wouldn't be so near the computer. 'Cause it's taking over. I do enjoy checking everything and seeing what is happening when I do come back. I am looking for that person, too. Still looking. I digress.